You have no control over what Google does.

You have no control over what YouTube does.

Sure you can learn ‘best practices’.

Sure you can learn from SEO experts about what you ‘should’ do to get Google & YouTube to recognize your videos and your websites.

Sure you can implement what all the marketing gurus teach…

  • Add relevant content
  • Identify your ideal reader or viewer
  • Add fresh content regularly

That’s all great and necessary.


What happens when EVERYONE does that?

How do YOU stand out from EVERYONE else doing the same thing, spending money and resources trying to outdo one another?

Google changes their search algorithm often.

YouTube does the same.

You can’t rely on ‘search’ since you have ZERO control over it.

Not long ago, YouTube changed an important video metric from the number of views a video was watched to the length of time the video was watched.

If you can’t control YouTube or Google when they’re always changing things on us, how then can you differentiate what you do from all of your colleagues who are desperately trying to do the same thing?

Some attorneys (and their marketing people) will try and game the system.

Some will use ‘black hat’ methods.

They will get burned eventually.

Let’s assume that you never want to go that route. Rather, you want to do things above-board (which you should for many different reasons).

What can you do to change your online destiny?

When creating video, you always need to optimize your video content.

  • You must have a compelling headline.
  • You must have a good description.
  • You must have relevant keywords.
  • You must use everything in YouTube’s creator playbook that you possibly can in order to maximize the chances that YouTube will recognize you have a fully optimized video.

I see many attorneys and their video companies not utilizing all that YouTube offers and recommends.

I see attorneys who are relying on their video companies to create video that is poorly optimized and poorly planned.

There is only one way that you can change your online destiny when using video to market yourself and your law firm.

First, let me tell you how you will not change or online destiny…

By creating only a few videos, that’s like spitting into the ocean now. With 300 hours a video being uploaded to YouTube each minute, your handful of videos will barely get noticed.

Putting up videos that are not optimized, will not change your online destiny.

Creating a series of videos and just leaving them to languish there is another way you will not change your online destiny.

If you fail to supplement each of your videos with the necessary required text, blogs, articles and sharing via social media, again it will not change your online destiny.

In my opinion, the only way that you can control and change your online destiny regardless of what YouTube or Google does to change their algorithms is…

Create massive amounts of excellent educational video.

When I say massive, I mean massive.

Not a few.

Not a handful.

Not 10. Not 20.

More. Much more.

Hundreds upon hundreds and thousands.

Your goal as an attorney is to stand out from the crowd and to dominate your online video marketplace.

No matter what algorithm changes YouTube and Google make, your goal is to be everywhere no matter who searches for you and what they are searching for within your legal specialty.

There’s a huge advantage to creating hundreds upon thousands of great educational videos and being found over and over again by your ideal clients and consumers who are actively searching for your information.

Compare that to a law firm who puts up 10 videos hoping to be found.

Maybe they will.

On the day that they upload their videos.

Maybe someone will watch their videos. Who knows?

The point is that when you are able to dominate your online video space, it doesn’t matter what the search engines do to change their search algorithms.

Why is that?

It’s because you are creating relevant educational video that helps answer your viewer’s questions about information they are searching for. That is ideally what the search engines want from people who create great content. The search engines want to match queries with great relevant content.

A key way to dominate and change your online destiny is to create massive amounts of great educational video on a consistent basis.

Doing so will turn you into a powerful publishing platform which you can then multipurpose in many different ways.

I now have a shameless plug for you…

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“But the video company I talked to said they’re the cheapest guys in town…”

When attorneys call me telling me that they are talking to different video companies about creating their videos, I give them a few key questions they should take back with them when speaking to these other video guys.

The most important question they need to ask any video company they are speaking to is…

“Show me proof that the videos you created for other attorneys have generated valid calls and valid cases that resulted in profit to the law firm.”

That usually ends the conversation since those other video companies have anecdotes and excuses, but no proof.

The choice is yours. You can let Google and YouTube control your life as you spend countless amounts of resources to figure out ways to stay ahead of the curve.

Or, you can begin to change your online destiny.

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