So many lawyers want to know why their legal marketing videos do NOT go viral.

I laugh when I hear this.


An attorney video.

That’s an oxymoron.

Aside from the one or two attorney videos that do go viral each year, the rest simply don’t.

Want to know the simple reason why an attorney video just doesn’t spread like wildfire?

It’s because an educational attorney video is not entertainment.

It’s not funny.

It’s not cute.

It’s not adorable.

It’s not memorable.

Instead, it’s educational.

Instead, it’s informative.

Instead, it’s useful.

The only people who are going to want to watch that type of message is someone who is actually LOOKING FOR IT.

The only people who are going to want to watch that type of message is someone who actually NEEDS that information.

Most viral videos are shared and liked because they are amusing or adorable or funny.

Attorney videos are never those things.

The other problem with lawyers thinking their videos need to go viral is that you don’t need nor want thousands and millions of people contacting you about the content in your video.

That’s because all those people are NOT your ideal client.

Not even remotely.

My best recommendation for lawyers who want their videos to go viral is to JUST STOP IT.

It won’t happen.

Don’t expect it.

Instead, create great educational video that teaches and educates YOUR IDEAL CLIENT.

Your goal is to attract those people who have a legal problem who are ACTIVELY looking online for answers to their questions.

Don’t be a salesman.

Don’t be the entertainer.

Don’t be the jokester.

Don’t copy someone else’s presentation.

Instead, give your viewer great content, without giving them the law.

Need help creating your attorney marketing videos?

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