YouTube’s New SEO Algorithm May Hurt Your Attorney Videos

Are you the type of person who has ‘bought’ YouTube views?

C’mon…admit it.

Maybe your video production company promised to get you a ton of views after your videos were posted.

Lo’ and behold, only days after your attorney videos were uploaded you have hundreds and even thousands of views without you having to do ANYTHING! How awesome is that?


Here’s why. YouTube will penalize you for gaming the system. With all those great views, how many “Real” comments did you get? How many of those ‘viewers’ actually watched your ENTIRE video? How much social interaction did your ‘viewers’ have with you and other commentators?

How many times were your videos “Liked” on YouTube?

How many other similar videos did your ‘viewers’ watch after ‘watching’ YOUR video?

Are you beginning to see what I’m talking about?

YouTube looks at your video in totality. Not just the number of views. They throw all that into the mix and come up with some algorithm to weigh the credibility and relevancy of your attorney videos.

Face facts. The total number of views alone will get you very little SEO traction.

Now YouTube has decided to change it up…again.

They are placing much more emphasis (notice the emphasis on the word emphasis?) on the total length of time a viewer watches your video along with all the other metrics they use to judge credibility, authority and relevance.

Go try getting your ghost viewers to sit through your 5 minute video 5000 times. Good luck with that one.


The big problem is that they’re boring. Dull. Uninspiring.

They’re not compelling.

If true, then getting a viewer to sit through your entire video will be challenging and probably painful. That could seriously impact their ability to watch your entire attorney video, thus affecting how YouTube ranks your videos from an SEO standpoint.

If your viewers are not watching till the end, you’re likely not converting them to callers either. Notice the tie-in between YouTube’s SEO theory and conversion? They go hand-in-hand.

Your goal is to understand how to convert an online viewer into a caller.

Join me in the next few blog posts as I share with you some insights that will help you do this.


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2 Responses to YouTube’s New SEO Algorithm May Hurt Your Attorney Videos

  • Barry Doyle says:

    Given that Google owns YouTube, it shouldn’t be surprising that they are taking moves to 1) improve user experience and 2) penalize spammy, manipulative tactics. This is what they have been trying to do with the Panda updates, etc. in SEO. It’s interesting that they are selecting completed views as a marker of relevance.

    On the plus side, it should keep people who simply slap up the crappy lawyer commercials you see on TV up from climbing to the top of YouTube. If you switch the channel when the commercial comes on, you are not watching it all the way through on YouTube.

  • Barry, you’re absolutely right. It makes a lot of sense. If the viewer is watching a video till the end, it means they are more likely interested in the content. Also, from a call to action standpoint it’s much more likely that a viewer will develop trust after watching your video completely rather than after only a few seconds.

    I personally believe that lawyers who create great compelling educational attorney video, this revised algorithm will not hurt them at all. In fact, I think it will benefit them greatly.

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