YouTube Violation: Incentivize People to “Share” or “Like” Your Video

YouTube-A Free Video Sharing Site

This comes directly from YouTube’s terms of service. I’ll bet you didn’t know that.

You see it on Facebook all the time. People say “I want 500 “Likes” in order to get to the next level. If you click like, I will give you XYZ, or you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free DooDad that you certainly don’t need and won’t know what to do with.

YouTube sees that as a no-no.

Want to take your chance of violating YouTube’s terms of service and see what happens? I don’t recommend it, especially if that’s the only place you host your videos.

If you violate YouTube’s terms of service you’ll quickly find yourself without access to all your videos. They will shut you down. Not something you want to achieve or aspire to. Remember, YouTube is a free service and they can do what they wish with your videos.

While it is always to your benefit to get people to interact with your videos by sharing it or liking your video, YouTube’s goal is to try and eliminate one up-manship in order to make your video more popular.

Bottom line: Don’t create a contest to see how many people can click the share button on your video. Don’t give away an iPad to the person who clicks the LIKE button 600 times. Use YouTube as a way to educate your consumers engage your viewers with compelling, interesting content.



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