“You’re a Lawyer, Not a Marketer, Dammit!”

This is part of a conversation I heard between two partners debating how to generate more income and revenue to their law firm. One partner, Jim, was explaining why marketing their firm will help bring in new cases. The other partner, older and more ‘old-school’ was having none of it. “We never did it that way,”

“It’s not right,” he said repeatedly. “What will the other members of the bar think if we advertise ourselves like that?”

I read a blog post by Susan Cartier Liebel, Founder of Solo Practice University today. (Susan is a great person and a really smart marketer). She was answering a question posed to her by an attorney who asked whether he should put his photo on his business card.

I left a reply to the blog post. I was tempted to be sarcastic. Then I held my tongue and remembered that I too was once in his position. That was a long time ago. Six or seven years. By legal marketing standards that’s like 10 dog years.

The reality is that there are lawyers who are still old-school and don’t want to change. They’re lawyers and not marketing people. That’s Ok. The only problem is that when they wonder why they’re not seeing as many clients as they used to and that their phone isn’t ringing as much, they wonder why.

Every lawyer has to be a marketer. In fact, a friend of mine recently said that a law firm is nothing more than a marketing company that happens to sell legal services. I agree with that statement 100%.

Start thinking like a marketer (not a salesman) and you’ll soon be able to use your  skills to help your consumers and clients in ways you never expected.

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2 Responses to “You’re a Lawyer, Not a Marketer, Dammit!”

  • Ben Glass says:

    Here’s one way to think about this:

    1. there is someone out there who really needs YOU right now. Just just some random lawyer picked off the web or out of a directory.. they need YOU.

    2. Your current marketing is probably leaving them to random choice…thus they face the significant risk of not getting the best lawyer for their case.

    3. It is your RESPONSIBILITY to fix that problem for THEM.

  • Ben,
    That’s so true. The really smart lawyers who understand this are the ones who get a continual flow of calls and cases. The others are the one you find in the lawyers lounge who continue to complain about the economy as the reason why their practice is not doing as well as it once was.

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