Your Google Search May Be Skewed

Google Search

Did you know that Google tailors their search results based on your account, your viewing history and your location?

That means that if you are trying to determine your search rankings for something beyond your local geographic area, your results may be skewed.

It didn’t always used to be like that. In fact, if you did a Google search years ago it would rarely factor in where you were typing from. Now however, Google automatically knows what town and state you are in when you’re logged in to your account.

What this means is that if you are trying to accurately determine where your search rankings come up, you may not be getting accurate results outside of your local area.

Scroogle is Gone

They used to be a website called that literally would scrape away cookies and the ability for Google to determine exactly where you were. This would provide the viewer with a better sense of real search engine rankings based on Google’s algorithm.

I was sad to learn that was shut down about six months ago. Some reports said that Google contributed to their downfall and made it extremely difficult for the website to operate. I don’t really know if that was true.

In any event, you may want to talk with your SEO guru to determine how best to evaluate whether your Google search results are truly accurate beyond your local area.

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