You Made a Few Videos With Another Attorney Video Company and Now… PART 3


Your video producer told you that you did great. He or she told you what you wanted to hear. You were nervous. You were anxious. You wanted to please him and wanted reassurance you said the right things.

Except there’s one problem.

You’re not sure the content was compelling.

Well…have you gotten any calls or emails from people who have watched your videos asking for more information?

If yes, that’s good.

If no, not so good.

Were you engaging? Energetic? Enthusiastic?

If yes, that’s good.

If no, not so good.

Ask yourself what is so compelling about your content that a viewer would eagerly want to call you for more information?

Here in the Lawyers Video Studio, the type of attorney video content you create is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your videos. It’s not the equipment or where you stand or what clothes you wear. It’s all about the material and message you’re creating. It’s about presenting your material in an interesting way. It’s about attracting them with a compelling headline and drawing your viewer in.

How much guidance did you receive from that other video company on how best to present your content?

Chances are, it wasn’t very much, and I understand why.

There are no other video companies in the country who have an experienced practicing trial attorney as your video producer. There are no other practicing medical malpractice lawyers who have created over 800 educational attorney videos to market their law firm.

In fact, there are no other practicing trial lawyers who help other lawyers market their law firm using video with the same exact tactics and strategies that I personally use to market my law firm. None.

The next time you consider hiring that other video company to shoot your video, ask them if they know what content compels a viewer to pick up the phone and call you instead of your competitor. Then wait for their answer. I’d love to know what they tell you.


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BTW, tell me below what the other video companies did to help you create your attorney video content. I’d really like to know.

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I was on vacation in Fort Lauderdale and shot a spot. I used a Dslr and a digital tascam, I am reviewing Gerry's course. New years' resolution: get busy! I recommend Gerry to everyone. Doing it yourself is very time consuming. I just got a call, the caller is from Texas and he chose me because he felt like he knew me. I have just scratched the surface, cheers Gerry, happy new year, you are inspirational.

Joel Denning