You Made a Few Attorney Videos With Another Video Company and Now… PART 2


In all likelihood you had a conversation with a video producer. Maybe your call was a few minutes long. Maybe it lasted 15 minutes. I know some attorney video companies tell the attorneys “Just come up with a few FAQ’s and we’ll ask you the Q’s and you just give us the answers.”

Here in the Lawyers Video Studio you are required to prepare your attorney video content 4 weeks in advance. You are required to practice the way I teach you. As your video shoot date gets closer, you are required to prove to me, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you have created your content and are practicing.

Why do I demand that you practice? Simple.

  • The better prepared you are the more confident you’ll be.
  • The better prepared you are the more fun you’ll have.
  • The better prepared you are the more relaxed and comfortable you’ll be.

Preparation is the key.

By the time your video shoot date arrives, you will be as prepared as if you are going to trial. You will know your content inside and out. You will have practiced extensively. You will be nervous but confident.


Please don’t tell me you talked about yourself or your law firm.

Please don’t tell me you used the words “I,” “Me,” “Our,” “My firm,” “My law firm.”

Please don’t tell me you created topics based on what you thought your viewers wanted to know.

Here in the Lawyers Video Studio it’s critical to know WHO your ideal client is. Who are you trying to target in your videos? Did your video producer know who your ideal client was and what their legal problems are?

If your video producer is not an attorney and not familiar with your client’s legal problems, how then can they help you create compelling content that your ideal viewer wants and needs?

Here in the Lawyers Video Studio you work with the only practicing trial lawyer in the country who helps other lawyers create educational video to market your law firm.

As a practicing trial attorney I know what legal problems your clients face. I understand why your consumers and potential clients need an attorney and what information they’re likely looking for.

Join me in the next blog post as we continue this conversation…

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What I appreciate about what Gerry does is that he doesn’t waste a whole lot of my time. He gets right to it and helps me focus on improving the video and focusing on delivering the message quickly and effectively. I really appreciate that. You need a coach. Somebody that can independently objectively look at what you’re doing and give you advice to make sure you do it right.

Eric Engel
Engel Law Group, P. S.