You Invest in Your Lawyer Marketing, But Do You Invest in Yourself?

Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing in the Age of YouTubeHow many of you take time to learn things you didn’t know?

How many of you go to seminars to be with really smart attorneys and marketing superstars?

How often do you hang out with people who are smarter than you who can coach you, mentor you and guide you in your business and personal life?

Really smart people, entrepreneurs, small business owners & attorneys all invest in themselves. They have to. They want to. They want to be in a place where others understand them.

You want to be in a place where you can ask questions without fear of feeling stupid.

You do realize I’m talking about a mastermind group, right?

A mastermind group is a small group of people who gather either in-person or virtually on a regular basis to discuss what’s working, what’s not and to brainstorm.

Some mastermind groups are free. Some are very expensive. The question you should always ask is how much can you afford to invest to grow your business and your personal well-being?

My very first mastermind I invested $3,000. That was a year-long program and well worth it. It opened my eyes to the mastermind world and the person running the group held me accountable for my actions and those of the group.

The next mastermind was an 8 week mastermind group held by teleseminar. There were teaching lessons each week followed by Q/A sessions. This investment was $8,000 and was the best group I ever participated in.

The next group flowed from the 8 week mastermind group where I was given the opportunity to continue in a very small high-level group of entrepreneurs and I jumped at the chance. My investment for that group was $19,000. You can imagine my conversation with my wife after I told her I signed up for this mastermind group.

“Honey, I just want to let you know I just invested $19K in a new high-level mastermind group…”

“What did you just say? How much???”

“Ah, let me explain…”

For our spouses and significant others, when you mention to them how much you have invested, they think you’re crazy. They think you’ve just pissed away money on a glorified hangout with other like-minded idiots.

Ahh…there’s the rub. If your family members don’t ‘get’ the whole mastermind thing, it’s tough to explain and justify. However, if you’re in a group of people who all belong to different mastermind groups, they all recognize the importance. In fact, they will compete with each other to see who has the better group of people and mastermind facilitator.

You might ask yourself if it’s ‘worth it’ to join such an expensive mastermind group.

If you invest $3,000 and from that you are able to generate ten times that amount because of an idea you learned that year and implemented in your business, is it ‘worth it’?

If you invest $8,000 and implement 3 ideas that you learned during the year that allows you to generate a quarter of a million dollars, do you think that investment is ‘worth it’?

You get the idea, right?

It’s like anything else. You get out what you put in. If you devote great effort and energy and implement the ideas you learn about, the potential payoff is huge.

Are you in a mastermind group? If you are, let me know the details…how many are in your group? How many are newbies? How many are experienced? How often do you meet? How experienced is the person who runs the mastermind group.

Would you recommend the group to other like-minded go-getter entrepreneurs? I’d love to know.

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What I appreciate about what Gerry does is that he doesn’t waste a whole lot of my time. He gets right to it and helps me focus on improving the video and focusing on delivering the message quickly and effectively. I really appreciate that. You need a coach. Somebody that can independently objectively look at what you’re doing and give you advice to make sure you do it right.

Eric Engel
Engel Law Group, P. S.