Lawyer Marketing: You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission to Shoot Great Educational Video

A bright idea!

A bright idea!

Stop waiting for the bar association to tell you it’s ok to shoot attorney video. They won’t.

Stop waiting for your marketing group to give you permission to shoot video. They don’t know anything about education-based marketing.

Stop waiting for your friends and colleagues to start creating attorney video for your lawyer marketing efforts because by the time they realize they need to do it, they will be way behind the times and most of your colleagues and competitors will have tons of video already online working for them night and day.


I’m amazed at how lawyers sit and wait for their friends to do something remarkable that takes their marketing to the next level.

I’ve hear attorneys still say they’re not sure it’s ok to create video. Others want to get approval from the bar association first.

Let me say it again.

Creating great educational video is a public service. It’s an educational tool. It’s simply another media to get out your marketing message.

As always you must comply with your states’ ethical rules. But let’s get real here.

The bar associations are about 3 years behind the times. They always have been. Those who sit on committees for our esteemed bar CLE’s mostly don’t understand how and why new technology can be used to our benefit.

I’ll share a quick story with you.

Last year I sent a personal letter along with my hard-cover book to seven (7) local and regional bar associations. My book, “Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing in the Age of YouTube” is designed to teach attorneys how and why video marketing is so powerful today.

I asked these seven bar associations to read my book. I asked each of the initial decision makers to consider a lecture for their members on how attorney video marketing can help each one of the attorney members and I explained how.

I want you to guess how many responses I received from my efforts. Go on. Guess.

The answer was zero. Not a single bar association was interested. None.

“Our CLE program is full for now.”
“Our members don’t need this.”
“We don’t think this is relevant right now…”
“We focus only on substantive law in our CLE’s and teaching attorneys how to use video just doesn’t fit into our agenda…”

I wasn’t really surprised. I’ve gotten these replies before.

It’s actually par for the course.

On the other hand, it’s really a great opportunity.

You might be thinking I’m crazy to think that this is a great opportunity that all these bar associations aren’t interested in video marketing.

It is. For you.

That means that all your competitors who adhere and march lockstep to the bar association have blinders on and will not be using video or not using it effectively to market their law firms.

It means you have the ability to leapfrog over them with leaps and bounds by creating lots of great educational video.

How can you do that? Simple. Join me here in the Lawyers Video Studio and create 50+ videos in a one day video shoot. Or, create 100+ videos over the course of a year, through two video shoots six months apart. We have programs for every attorney.

It all depends on whether you see an opportunity or a setback. I see opportunities. If you do too, call me. I’ll be happy to see if we’re a good fit and which video program is best for you. Call me right now at 516-487-8207 or by email I look forward to chatting with you!

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2 Responses to Lawyer Marketing: You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission to Shoot Great Educational Video

  • I have worked for a law firm in the past who decided to shoot their own video footage and the lawyers saw immediate profit from the traffic to their website. People like being able to put a face to a name and I say do it!

  • That’s great David. That’s the motivating factor that gets you to realize this really works.

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I decided to create a whole video library to help educate consumers in my market about auto accidents and other injury claims, and also to help supplement other advertising. I chose not to do this on my own because I do not have the time to sit down and put all this together and figure it all out. And I wanted sort of a turnkey solution. I definitely recommend Gerry. I mean, you know, I think it’s a great program and I have been here all day and I’ve shot, I don’t know, 40, 50 videos. And so it’s hard to get that accomplished especially for what you’re getting. You know, you have to go to a studio somewhere, it’s on site. And I would definitely – the ease of this – I would definitely recommend it to any colleague or friend.

Charles Pitman
Charles Pitman Injury Lawyers, LLC