“You Call Me Every Month!” said my client. How To Use a Unique Marketing Advantage in Your Attorney Videos

I speak to her every month. I call her with status updates.  I call her even if nothing is happening on her case. There is a very important reason why I do this.

I do this for every one of my clients. I speak to them every single month.

I give them personal status updates on what is happening on their case at that moment. We have a great chat. I learn what is going on in their life and find out how they are coping with their injuries and their family.

I have the luxury of being able to call every one of my clients every month since I handle only a small, select number of cases at any one time. This is a unique and very important marketing advantage. Want to learn why?

My client today expressed it very simply.

“I was speaking to my friend the other day who also happens to have a lawsuit. Her case has been going on for almost 10 years now. She never hears from her attorney. She always has to track him down. He is always too busy to contact her and give her any status update. She never knows what is happening and what he is doing on her case.


When I told her that you call me every single month to give me status updates, she was shocked. When I told her you send me newsletters every month that are fun and informative, she was shocked. When I told her you gave me a 300 page book all about medical malpractice and personal injury law New York, she was shocked.”

I hear these stories often from clients and friends of clients who have gone to attorneys who simply ignore them once they walk in the door. I recognize that those attorneys are probably hard-at-work on their cases. The problem is that they fail to communicate what they are doing with their client on a regular basis. Those hard-at-work lawyers don’t have any type of system in place to update their existing clients on what they are doing and what is happening on their case.

If you have a unique advantage like this where you clearly do things differently than the majority of attorneys in your niche and in your geographic area, you have a unique marketing advantage. You need to use that marketing advantage in all of your marketing videos to educate and teach your consumers and potential clients about things that you do differently to help keep clients informed and educated every step of the way.

Focusing on this unique marketing advantage does not focus on you at all. Rather, it focuses on the benefits that flow to the consumer or potential client as a result of you doing things differently. That makes all the difference.

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4 Responses to “You Call Me Every Month!” said my client. How To Use a Unique Marketing Advantage in Your Attorney Videos

  • Barry Doyle says:

    Besides simply being good client relations, being proactive about client communications is a fabulous productivity tool. You contact them with updates and tell them the next significant thing happening on the case is whatever, happening on such and such date. They know that nothing of note is expected between now and then, so there is no reason for the client to call to get a “status update”. Once I started to be proatctive with clients that way, the number of calls to the office dropped significantly and I could get more work done with fewer interruptions. It also improves the trust factor and makes it easier for them to follow your advice especially when it might be tough for them to do so.

  • jim thompson says:

    You also stay on the “top of their mind” for giving you referrals.

  • Awesome advice Barry! I have observed the same exact thing.

  • You’re right on target Jim. There’s nothing better than actually speaking with them personally. Better than a ‘card’ or a note- even though they are really useful as well.

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