Yesterday’s Blog Post Was Clearly April Fools Folly- To Think I Gave Up Video Marketing!

 In yesterday’s blog post I said I had given up creating attorney marketing videos.

Let me ask you this question…

Why would I intentionally give up marketing messages that attract my ideal clients?

Why would I intentionally give up the opportunity to teach and educate consumers who are actively looking for my information?

Why would I intentionally give up opportunities to build trust with online viewers who are interested in this information?

The answer is, I wouldn’t.

There are lawyer skeptics who don’t believe that video marketing works. I love those lawyers. I think they are terrific. I think they should continue to hold those beliefs forever. It makes my job so much easier.

There are attorneys who just see one or two or a handful of videos and cannot understand why video marketing could work or even how it works. I love those lawyers too.

While it is true that many attorneys create content that their ideal clients and consumers don’t want or need, what I do and what I teach my clients here in the Lawyers Video Studio is exactly the type of content they need to create and how to create a compelling message.

Video marketing, if done properly, allows us attorneys to build trust with people who are inherently mistrustful of lawyers in general. It allows us to show our expertise without ever having to tell someone our credentials.

While it is clearly true that our viewers and consumers don’t care about us and our credentials, they do care about one important thing.

They want to see, hear and understand that you have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle their exact type of case. Why would I ever voluntarily give up the best media possible that allows a viewer or my ideal consumer to recognize that I have those exact qualities that they are looking for?

My blog post yesterday was clearly an April fools joke.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, have read any of the books I’ve written or the hundreds and hundreds of articles I’ve written, watched the webinars, seen me lecture to lawyers across the country or even spoke with me, you will know that I am a fervent believer in video marketing for attorneys.

Video simply works.

When done properly, you can attract people who are looking for this information. When not done properly, you can and will waste valuable resources and tremendous amounts of time, effort and energy on your part.

If you do not have a video marketing strategy to market your law firm using video, I encourage you to reach out to me in the next three days. I have allotted five time slots to chat with the first five people about how to improve your video marketing strategies and importantly, how to implement those strategies for maximum effect.

Don’t wait to take advantage of this opportunity.

As the only practicing trial lawyer in the country who helps other lawyers create educational video to market their law firms, why would you ever consider any other video company who doesn’t use these tactics and strategies personally like I do?

You can reach me at 516-487-8207 or by e-mail at

I look forward to speaking with you!

Best regards,



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One thing I like about Lawyers Video Studio, is that it is work that is done largely by a lawyer – Gerry Oginski – who knows about law practice. He knows about clients, he knows what’s important to clients, and what kind of information is important to communicate. He’s also very technically astute and he has good technology and good people working with him, who have been very helpful in filming the videos that I have participated in. Gerry was very helpful in providing me with guidance on the tempo and how to present the subjects. I find Gerry’s guidance and direction to be very helpful. He helped me to think through what it is that the client needs to hear, what their perspective is, and to really focus the information on the audience. I would say that their process has been very useful, it’s been very informative. I feel like I have been very well guided in terms of how to go about the video process, how to think up the topics and how to present them. I would recommend Gerry Oginski’s video service.

Rich Beem
Beem Patent Law Firm