Why Your YouTube Video Stops Mid-Way and Starts Again

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It’s called buffering.  3 things will affect the playback speed of your video.

1. The type of connection you have with your broadband service provider.
2. How many people are accessing that particular video at that moment, and
3. Whether your video is high definition or standard definition

Most of you are not using dial-up anymore and that’s a good thing. Many use your cable company to pipe you into the internet. However, those fast-speed claims by your internet service provider are usually not accurate. Their upload speeds differ from their download speeds. You may also be forced to pay more for higher speeds.

That may explain why you can watch a video without a problem on your office computer but when you watch it at home it has fits of start/stop moments where you just want to hit your computer and say “Come on!”


Depending on your provider, they will place a limiter on the speed of your connection. That will affect how quickly your computer downloads the video to your computer (also known as buffering). You will see the scrubber bar moving forward, but the red play bar is stopped.

Another issue is where is your video stored? If your video is stored across the country from where you are watching it there may be a delay associated with transmitting that large video file. Most video sharing sites have multiple content delivery networks where the videos are stored in multiple locations, reducing the time to delivery.


If one person is watching it, it is unlikely you will have buffering issues. If 1 million people are watching your video at the same time, it is likely you will have significant issues in getting your video watch cleanly and smoothly. Side note: I have yet to see any attorney video reach such a milestone and be in such demand.

HD or SD?

If your videos are playing back in standard definition, you will know that because SD video typically plays in a square box format. Also when you change the quality of the video on the player in the bottom right-hand screen on YouTube you are only given two choices, 240p and 360p.

If you upload a video that was shot in high definition video you have more choices. you will have the choice of 720p or 1080p. The higher quality you want to watch your video in the more bandwidth is required and that may cause the video to start and stop because of multiple buffering issues as well as your bandwidth download time.

For those of you who create video on your own, when you render and process your video and then go to the next step of compressing your video, you must accurately determine your frame rate and playback speed. There are many different multiples of playback speed, and choosing the wrong one can ruin the playback of your video.

These are just some of the reasons why you may experience buffering, starts and stops while watching your video on YouTube.



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