Why Would You Want an Interactive Transcript on YouTube?

Interactive Transcript on YouTube

In case you don’t know what an interactive transcript is, let me explain.

If you have ever seen a movie with subtitles that move as the actor speaks, that would be an interactive transcript. It allows a viewer to follow what is being said, as it is being said in real-time. It allows the viewer to turn on their closed captions setting and watch what is being said as the person on the screen is saying it.

YouTube has an incredible computer-generated voice recognition program. It tries hard to capture the words that the person is speaking on video. However, like most voice recognition programs, it is not perfect. Whether you use Dragon dictate or MacSpeech or some other form of voice recognition software on your computer, you realize it’s not 100% perfect.

The same is true for YouTube’s voice recognition software.

The purpose of having an interactive transcript is very important.

The search engines have no idea what is in your video. How then can the search engines determine what your video is about if they cannot read or interpret the actual video file?


That’s why they rely on you to optimize the video by including information including the headline, description, tags and keywords. If you fail to optimize your video, you significantly minimize the chances that the search engines will recognize you have good valid content and your viewers will never see your videos.

Instead of relying on YouTube’s voice recognition software, which they admit is not 100% accurate, you must create your own transcript so that the search engines know exactly what is being said in your video.

Best practices recommendation: Under no circumstance should you upload the transcript into the description box. The reason? Because a viewer who is coming to watch a video does not typically want to read text. Pew research recently did a study explaining that two thirds of adults over the age of 18 prefer to watch video  Instead of reading text.


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