Why Won’t You Implement the Video Marketing Tips I Gave You?


You can lead a horse to water…

I have a bit of experience in this field.

I have become a pretty good marketing student over the past few years.

I have had good results from my video marketing efforts, and as you know, I help lawyers across the country with their video marketing efforts.

During my strategy call with you I give you some tips and strategies you can immediately implement and start using.

Out of the last 20 lawyers I spoke to, I can tell you with 100% certainty that only 1 has begun implementing the tips I provided to him on our telephone call.

How do I know?

He told me that the moment we hang up, he going to start implementing one key strategy I told him about.

I then followed up with him and guess what…

He was implementing the strategy we discussed. He was taking action. He was doing something he never considered doing before getting on a call with me.

He now had momentum. He now had a vision. He now had a purpose for what he was doing.

Before our call, he was stagnant. He didn’t know which marketing campaign to start first. He didn’t know which direction to go.

All I did was give him some great ideas and challenge him to implement those strategies.

I challenged him to start, to get moving and take immediate action.

None of the other 19 lawyers took ANY action. That’s too bad for them.

Good for this one lawyer. Bad for his competitors.

It’s like the old saying…”You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

I love learning about you and your law firm marketing efforts. I really enjoy finding out what’s working and what’s not.

During our strategy call I offer tips and ideas to guide you and teach you things you may not know.

I’m here to help. As a fellow colleague, as a trusted advisor and as a friend who wants you to succeed, my goal is to help you, and that’s true whether you choose to use my video marketing services or not. Either way, that’s cool.

What’s the bottom line?

Need some help with your video marketing and how I might be able to help?

Reach out to me right now by sending me a private message on Facebook or directly by email: Gerry@lawyersvideostudio.com. I welcome your inquiry.

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I highly recommend Gerry Oginski’s Lawyers Video Studio. He gave us the exact instructions to prepare high quality, high content, straight forward videos. During the shoot Gerry guided us through the process the whole way. Gerry gave us the exact feedback we need to keep our message on point in a succinct and meaningful way. He delivers a low pressure, simple, done-for-you system to prepare, shoot and production videos. If you want to create quality education based marketing videos that will produce response, you need to use Gerry’s service.

Ryan Pitz
Intake Academy