Why Having a Video Marketing System is Great Financial Advice from a New York Trial Lawyer

Best investment advice you can get

Let’s put our cards on the table. I am not an investment advisor. I’m not a financial services guru. I don’t pick stocks for a living, or annuities or mutual funds. I don’t do any of those things. Yet, what I’m about to tell you will be the best financial advice you can get…by far.

Scour the newspapers for the best interest rate in a bank account. You’ll be lucky to get 1% return on your investment. Look to see what the CD rates are today. They are awful. Look at what mutual fund rates are. Just as bad. Savings accounts and checking accounts; they all pay next to nothing in interest.

Maybe if you invest in real estate you can get a decent return on your investment. However, you’ll have to navigate the economy, the forclosure rate, dealing with tenants who don’t want to move, evictions and more.

Want to learn what the best financial advice is that generates the best return on your investment?

The answer is a marketing system that consistently generates calls to your law firm that you can bank on.

Here’s what I mean.

If you are able to set up a marketing system that consistently generates leads, e-mails and calls, you are now in the driver’s seat. You can use those leads and cases to create the best return on your investment.

Most lawyers who struggle with getting new business fail to have a marketing system in place. They fail to understand how important a comprehensive marketing plan is in order to continue getting new calls and cases to continually resupply the cases that are resolved. Lawyers who fail to recognize how important this is struggle for years wondering why some of their colleagues and competitors are doing so well.

As my good friend Attorney Ben Glass says often, “I would never give up my law office newsletter because it generates a tremendous return on investment every time I send it out.” Likewise, he often remarks that “Having a marketing system in place that is both complex and efficient is the best financial plan a lawyer can have.” I agree 100%.

When I worked as an associate at a law firm as a young attorney, I never had any need to learn about marketing. Cases were always handed to me and I always had an assignment the next day. What I didn’t realize was that these older lawyers were getting referrals and already had marketing systems in place.


With my marketing systems, including my highly valued video marketing systems, I consistently generate new e-mails and calls every single day. From those calls I carefully screen each one. Those calls fall into three distinct categories.

  1. Cases I want to keep
  2. Cases I do not want
  3. Cases I will refer out

As a practicing New York Medical Malpractice trial lawyer, I must be highly selective in the cases I choose to accept. Being a solo practitioner, I must be extra selective since I can only handle a limited number of cases at one time. This means I get to cherry pick the cases I handle and decide what to do with the others.

I’ve learned long ago it is often better to say “No thank you” to a potential new client than to deal with the endless aggravation associated with taking a marginal case or one that I know will not serve me well in the future.

My video marketing systems have allowed me the ability to create a lifestyle practice. I only wish that more of my colleagues were able to do the same as I have done. It pains me when I see them frustrated, anxious and annoyed that their law practice controls their life rather than the other way around.

The last category of calls involves cases that have potential but I simply do not want to handle. Of those, I refer out to a select group of lawyers who do an excellent job handling them.

For every case I choose not to handle but instead refer out to another lawyer, that is an investment into my future.

The return on that investment can be extremely significant and highly rewarding.  It is like making a significant deposit into the bank of life. The only way that can come about it is with a consistent marketing strategy and overall plan that helps you get calls, clicks and e-mails from new potential clients who want and need your services.

Regardless of what type of law you practice, having a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan that is both complex and efficient will be the best return on investment you can ever make. Guaranteed. That’s the best financial advice I can give you as a practicing trial lawyer.


I challenge you to think how a video marketing system might be able to help you market your law firm. If you think it can, I encourage you to reach out to me. Simply leave a message for Kathleen at 1-800-320-4314 or by e-mail at Kathleen@lawyersvideostudio.com. She’ll be happy to set up a strategy call with you and me.


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