Why Having a Real Tripod Will Save Your Attorney Video

A “real” tripod.

Anyone who shoots video on their own must have a tripod. You cannot hold a video camera in your hand and expect to get a stable looking video.

There are all sorts of adapters and extenders that are on the market today that allow you to attach a small camera or your iPhone to shoot video on the go. This might be fine for a quick and dirty on-the-street video, but it is certainly not ideal when creating quality attorney videos that your consumers are looking for.

As many of you know, I take my video equipment with me when I go to seminars and on vacation. I use a lightweight, aluminum folding tripod that allows me the ability to quickly and easily set up my equipment with a minimal amount of fuss. However, there is a major drawback to using a lightweight and small tripod.

The drawback arises when my camera equipment is top-heavy because of the size and weight of my camera and microphone equipment that then rests upon the tripod.

I personally like to shoot my attorney video outdoors as often as I can. One problem arises when there is wind. You will not realize it as you are shooting the video or even when you play back and watch the video on you small viewfinder on the camera. Instead, you’ll immediately notice the problem when you upload the footage to your computer and begin to edit.

What you will notice is that every time the wind blows, your camera will move.

This is highly distracting and annoying to a viewer who is eagerly looking for your information, but is continually distracted by the shaking movements caused by the wind.

How do you fix this problem? The answer is simple.

Use a well-built, sturdy tripod. Those types of tripods are many and your limitation will be only the weight and size of what you are willing to carry. If however you only intend to shoot your lawyer videos in your office where there’s likely no wind, most any tripod will do.

You might be shocked to learn that some of the better tripods cost hundreds and thousands of dollars…for good reason.

Don’t skimp and by a $20 tripod just because it’s cheap. Make sure that whatever tripod you do purchase is sturdy enough if you take it outside to shoot your great attorney videos.

Remember, you want your attorney videos to be transparent so that the viewer focuses only on you and your content. If your video shakes while you are shooting it, you already have one strike against you.

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