Lawyer Video Marketing: Why Go To a Video Company That Cannot Optimize Your Attorney Videos?

Is this who will be training you to lose weight at the gym?

Would you go to a trainer at a gym who was morbidly obese to help you lose weight?

Would you go to a chain-smoking doctor to learn how to stop smoking?

Why then would you go to a video company that cannot optimize your educational attorney videos?

I see this all the time. I’m always looking at new attorney video content and I am amazed at how often many of the video production companies fail to optimize their clients videos. It’s actually a shame. It’s shameful.


Really awful headlines. When I mean awful, I really mean crappy.  Not interesting. Poorly constructed. Uninspiring. Not compelling.

I then look at the description. Many times there is no description listed. What an incredible wasted opportunity. On the ocassions when I do see a description, it is obvious immediately that many of video companies do not understand the importance of optimizing your attorney videos.

YouTube used to allow you to see what keywords and tags you were putting into the video. Now they have hidden them so if you want to find out what they are, you need to put in a little more effort.

I’m still amazed at the number of video companies who put transcripts into the description box. This the wrong strategy for search engine optimization purposes. It’s also the wrong strategy from a psychological standpoint of a viewer who is coming to learn information. One need only review Pew research’s study that showed two thirds of all of adult online viewers who are searching for information online prefer to watch video over reading text.

Video companies that fail to heed that type of research clearly lose significant opportunities to optimize attorney videos that they help create for their lawyer clients.

I think most lawyers are seduced into creating video by a salesman who simply tells them they will handle the search engine optimization for them, and they need not worry about it.

That would be great if most of those regular video production companies actually optimized their clients attorney videos.

Remember, the video company that you hire to create your videos must also know how to maximize the chances that your videos will be seen and watched. It is not enough to simply create a technically proficient video that makes you look really good.

Your goal when creating great educational attorney videos is to get your consumers interested in what you have to say in order to compel them to pick up the phone to call you and ask for more information.  That is your goal. Without optimizing your videos properly, you will never achieve that goal.

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