Why Do Your Attorney Video Titles have “.mp4” or “.mov” in it?


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When I see an attorney video that has a headline with .mp4 or .mov or some other file extension, it tells me immediately that whoever uploaded that video didn’t know what they were doing.

It tells me that the person who put that lawyer video online didn’t understand the power of a headline. Nor did they recognize that the file extension for the video file would show up as the headline.

It tells me that this person didn’t recognize the power of a headline and why headlines are used for search engine purposes. It also suggests that whoever put that video online didn’t know to change the information in the headline into a compelling headline.

When you upload an attorney video, the video sharing site pulls in the name of whatever you have named your video. It also pulls in the format of the video file.

If you are uploading your attorney video on your own, you must change the entire title and headline so as not to have your headline as the file name for your video.

Your headline should not have your file extension. FYI- it’s not compelling and will not get your viewer interested in what you have to say.

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