Why Do So Many Lawyers Online Only Talk About the Type of Law They Handle?

onlinepersonaFrankly it gets tiring to see attorneys only talk about the same thing over and over. It’s as if they have no life. It’s as if they have no other passion. It’s as if they think that by only talking about the one thing they do, it might make them more attractive to people who are searching for them.


Then again, maybe not.

When I follow an attorney or a law firm online I can quickly see if it’s the attorney who’s writing or whether it’s a marketing person. I can usually spot the law firm marketing guy or girl since they have a corporate style and don’t like to get too personal or too involved in discussions online.

Some savvy marketing attorneys take the opposite approach. They want to interact with their readers. They want to discuss things other than ‘all things law’.

For example, I keep seeing a personal injury attorney post items on Facebook where all he does is talk about accidents. That’s his corporate persona. That’s his FB persona. He’s not on FB to share ideas or personal stuff. He’s only on there to look for business and that’s Ok. But that’s his online persona.

Let me put it a different way and see if this makes more sense…

You go to a party and meet an attorney. All he does is talk about how he handles accident cases. He tells you about the last ten accident cases he’s handled. Then, after you’re thoroughly bored out of your mind listening to him tell you more about his accident cases (incidentally, you never asked him to tell you more about what he does since you just don’t care) he proceeds to tell you about his great credentials and where he went to school.

How does this make you feel as you try to scramble away and have a conversation with a real person who you actually want to learn more about?

Don’t get me wrong…there are plenty of good lawyers who promote themselves online and offline. BUT…

If you see yourself in this article, my suggestion is to stop talking about WHAT YOU DO and instead start talking about who you are and what your passions are. That makes you much more interesting. Start interacting with your readers and viewers.

Importantly, start asking questions rather than talking. Remember, nobody ever learned anything from talking. What do you think? Do you think I’m on target here or simply being too harsh? Let me know in the comments below.

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One Response to Why Do So Many Lawyers Online Only Talk About the Type of Law They Handle?

  • Barry Doyle says:

    I get the point, but think it is a bit overstated.

    When people go to a cocktail party, they go to socialize, enjoy themselves. There is no particular agenda.

    When people are seeking answers to legal problems, there is an agenda – they have a problem they want solved. What we do and how we do it at least starts to address their agenda. Trial consultant Rodney Jew says that jurors are attuned to the station WII-FM at all time: What’s In It For Me?

    That said, there needs to be some balance between spouting a resume and a list of achievements and “what I do” and why you do what you do.

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