Which Video Was Picked Up By NY Times Blog?

NYTimesI opened up my e-mail today and noticed an interesting headline in my Google alerts. The headline read “When Black Ice Strikes, Who’s to Blame?

I was even more curious because it had my name and website listed under the headline. I knew that I didn’t write a blog post with that name or a video with that title. I was intrigued.

The website URL was the New York Times online blog. I clicked on the link which took me to the New York Times online site. The blog post was all about black ice and how dangerous it is in New York City. Further into the article the writer mentioned a video I made titled “Slip and fall on snow and ice-who is at fault?” and some of the comments I made in my video.

It was a great pick-up and mention of my video in this blog post. In the discussion following the post, there were clear differences of opinion about who would be responsible for black ice. I was also pleased to see that the writer had mentioned that this is only one of many videos I had created.


Here’s the back story on that video. A few years ago I wrote an article and posted online and also my website. It was a lengthy detailed article explaining what a consumer needed to know if they slipped and fell on snow and ice. The article came about because of the case I handled involving a woman who slipped in a parking lot on black ice. When I got into video a few years ago, I realized this would be a perfect topic for viewers to learn about so they could understand how an attorney proves a slip and fall case on snow and ice in New York. Most people are unfamiliar with notice requirements. Rather, they often come into the office thinking that simply because they fell and got hurt that automatically means they have a valid case. Anyone who practices personal injury law knows that’s simply not the case. Proving notice is essential, whether it is constructive or actual notice.

Click here to watch the video.

In any event, the writer of this blog post J. David Goldman was writing about Black ice in New York City and must have found my video by doing a Google search on the topic of slip and falls and black ice.

For those attorneys who think that video doesn’t work, they are dead wrong. Video establishes you as the “go-to” expert; establishes your credibility and builds trust with your viewer. I have been contacted many times by news reporters based upon informative videos I’ve created. It’s a really cool feeling when a news reporter calls you and says “I was watching your video online and I would like to ask you more questions for a news piece I’m working on.”

In fact, just today I received a phone call from a woman who found my videos online and called to ask me for more information. She was so appreciative of the information I had in my videos that she told me she watched at least 10 of them before calling me. Importantly, she said every time she did a search online, my videos kept coming up in her search results. That’s the purpose of creating educational and informative videos, so that you’re not only the logical choice for viewer to call, but the only choice.

If you haven’t made the jump onto video yet, I strongly encourage you to explore my website here in the Lawyers’ Video Studio to learn how video can help improve your marketing message. My goal is to help get you  onto video to improve your life, your practice and your income.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

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RodMitchell“Gerry, your videos show that you are a tremendous proponent of what to say and how to say it. You understand what your prospective clients are looking for and you take away the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) by answering the questions that your potential clients are using the web to find out about. The content is informative, relaxed and very professional. I am sure your PI business is booming!

We will be working to encourage UK law firms to utilize these techniques to market their services as opposed to the normal Law firm websites which are very introspective and boring. Excellent stuff.”

Horsetiger Limited, Managing, Marketing & Media

Rod Mitchell, Director

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How Really Smart Lawyers Are Using Video On The Web- New Book!

How Really Smart Lawyers Are Using Video On The Web- New Book!

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  • Chuck Morgan says:

    Great article Gerry, I think more of us should do more, and higher quality video so we can get these kind of results. Good quality free press is worth tons.

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