What Video Equipment Do I Take When I Travel?

planeLet me give you an idea of the gear that I take with me when I travel.

I take my Canon 60D DSLR and three lenses; a 50mm prime lens, an 85 mm prime lens and a telephoto 50 mm-250 mm lens. This variety allows me the ability to choose the best look when shooting outdoors.

I will usually take three memory cards, two 16 GB HDHC (high density, high capacity) cards and a 32 GB memory card. I have two rechargable batteries for my DSLR camera.

Next, my video equipment includes my wireless microphone set which includes a transmitter and receiver. I’ll take four extra AA batteries as well. Then, I’ll take three different lapel microphones that attach to the wireless transmitter unit.

I take my microphone windscreen to minimize wind noise when shooting outdoors. I take my laptop together with my microphone headset so I can use MacSpeech Dictate to minimize the amount of typing I do.

Lastly, I’ll take my tripod and put it in my suitcase. It’s a lightweight aluminum tripod that’s sturdy enough to hold my camera and audio gear.

I used to take an extra set of wireless microphones as well as an additional video camera in the event one stopped working. As of today, that’s never happened, and I’ve decided to risk taking only one camera and one microphone system. It certainly lightened my backpack (even though it has wheels).

I have debated many times whether I should take my external lights. The problem is that they go into a giant (huge!) indestructible case that weighs a ton. Beyond the logistics of taking another massive checked bag, I’d also need light stands and another case for the stands. Sometimes my three extra checked bags cost as much as my airline ticket.

Since writing this, I’ve purchased LED portable lights together with light stands, batteries and extra power sources. I currently travel with the largest possible carry-on made today. It’s a video studio packed to the brim with all of my video gear.

In case you didn’t know, this is the gear that I take with me when I go on vacation with my family. Why would an attorney take all that camera gear on vacation? Simple.

To create great educational video that my viewers want and need. What do you take with you when you travel?

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I just read Gerry Oginski's book this weekend, Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing in the Age of YouTube. You wont find better "front to back" advice on using video to market your law firm anywhere.

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