“What Does it Cost To Participate in Your Attorney Video Marketing Programs?” Asked the Attorney

Cost v. Investment; Big Difference

It doesn’t cost anything…

A cost is an expense.

The cost not to participate is significant.

That’s an expense that most attorneys just cannot afford.

By not participating, you are losing opportunities that will cost you significant money over the long run.

Instead, just as you invest in yourself to improve yourself and your marketing, you invest your marketing dollars into a tried and true and tested lawyer video marketing program.

There is a big difference between an investment and expense.

When you have an expense, that money is gone as soon as you spend it. There is often no trackable way to determine what your return on that expense is. Unlike an expense, an investment in a marketing program is entirely different. You can track how many calls you receive as a direct result of a particular video. You can track how many cases you take in as a direct result of creating 50 videos in a one-day video shoot.

You can track your return on your investment when you create 100 videos over the course of an entire year through two separate video shoots, six months apart.

By now, you realize that you need different marketing systems in place in order to help you achieve your goals for your law firm. You need to know what works and what does not. The only way you can improve your marketing efforts is to invest in yourself and to invest in those programs that you truly believe in.

Today’s headline is a bit of a teaser.

You might have been expecting to see my pricing here in this blog post.

I won’t disappoint you but I will tell you that I am proud to have the most comprehensive attorney video marketing program in the country. Really smart attorneys recognize all that I have to offer. For many smart lawyers, my total done-for-you video marketing programs are no-brainers. The investment that they make are well worth the value.

For that I am extremely grateful and proud of the services I provide to these really smart attorneys.

For the attorney who wants to experience what I have to offer:

  • I have a 20 video program that allows you to come to New York or to Orlando at an investment of only $10,000.
  • For the lawyer who realizes he needs more than 20 videos, I have the perfect program that allows you to create 30 videos here in New York at an investment of $17,000.
  • In my most popular video marketing program, you create 50+ videos in a one-day video shoot and your investment ranges from $28,000-$32,000.

By way of comparison, FindLaw creates 12 minutes of edited video at a cost of slightly more than $30,000. In my 50+ video program you will get anywhere from 100-150 minutes of edited video in addition to all the other things we offer that no one else in the country provides. You do the math and decide whether your investment has value to you and your law firm for what we offer.

I also offer a very aggressive video marketing program that allows you to create 100+ videos over the course of two video shoots, six months apart. This includes two separate mastermind calls and two shoots, either at your office or here in New York.


For those lawyers who truly want to dominate their online video space, I have customized programs that allow you to create 150+ videos, 200+ videos and 300+ videos during the course of a single year.


If you’re ready to begin your journey by creating educational video that will help you stand out from the crowd and use video as a way to drive traffic to you and your law firm, I encourage you to reach out to me today to help you get started. If you take advantage of what I offer before the new year 2013, I have a little incentive for you.

Simply send me an e-mail: Gerry@lawyersvideostudio.com or leave a message for my production manager Kathleen at 1-800-320-4314 and she’ll be happy to set up a phone conference with me.  I look forward to helping you create a video marketing program for you and your law firm.


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