What Do You Think of This Lawyer Video/Commercial?

Look at the guy in the van. What’s with the smile on his face? He’s bopping to the music. Other than a catchy rap refrain, what is compelling about this video? Tell me below. I’d like to know.

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4 Responses to What Do You Think of This Lawyer Video/Commercial?

  • Barry Doyle says:


    There is so much about the commercial that makes my skin crawl, up to and including the car for the law firm. If that guy lived on my block and I had to see that thing parked on the street every day, I’d give serious thought to moving.

    The only thing that it really does is drill into peoples heads the fact that they do car accidents and the phone number. Nothing at all about what they actually do to help people. The fact that they come to your house is something that not all lawyers do and could be a selling point, but it is kind of lost in how quickly the commercial ends. The last bit about listening for them during Yankees games is strange too.

    Sort of off topic, but what does the firm car do for confidentiality? Let’s say that you call them up and they show up in that beautiful car and park it in your driveway. Doesn’t that tell all your neighbors that you are hiring a lawyer? Not everyone wants to share that info with the neighbors.

    The marketing is all about them, from the car to the footage of the guy be-bopping around in the car.

  • Barry,
    I agree with you. The ad is tacky. It’s all about them. It doesn’t help explain anything about how they can help solve the client’s problem.

    However, one point I should make. We don’t know what type of ROI they’re getting w/ this ad. We think it’s tacky, but often it doesn’t matter what we think. It matters what the potential client thinks. If the ad drives traffic and good cases, then our perception of this ad is way off base.

    Remember, we are not our ideal consumers and clients. Lawyers forget that all too often.

    Having said that, I still agree with you that there are better ways to teach and educate your ideal client.

  • Chris Gander says:

    I don’t think I will easily forget 1800-Victim2, which was probably the #1 goal of the video.

    So for that, I give them some credit. By them, I mean http://www.nyclawfirm.com

    They have done a number of ads with the same jingle and are obviously after a very specific target market in NYC, and have tailored their ads to appeal to that market. Barry & Gerry, you both are probably not in that target market, which is why it doesn’t resonate with you.

    The ad is tacky and horribly produced, however… it is memorable, because it’s so bad, and chances are if you were to ask someone in the target market if they have seen it, they’d be able to sing the jingle back to you. Also, people are talking about the ad (just look at us), so if another goal was for the video to ‘go viral’ and get the masses talking, it’s achieved that as well.

    Overall, it’s just another law firm ad redistributed online, nothing special. It’s not an informative web video designed for any particular purpose, so I can’t be too critical about it.

  • Chris,
    I agree with you. We’re not their ideal client. The ‘bad’ jingle may be memorable. But if you were their target audience, do you think an injured victim would prefer to hire a law firm with a bopping guy to bad music or a law firm that teaches and educates an injured victim about how the lawsuit process works?

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