“What Do You Hear?” Gerry asks me When I Question His Decision to Shoot by the Ocean in St. Maarten


Poolside with Gerry & David

Johnny B. Goode, Special Reporter to the Lawyers Video Studio- Part 12

Later in the afternoon Gerry took his equipment and joined me outside by the pool. He began setting up in an area with high traffic into and out of the resort area. I asked him why he just didn’t set up his camera by the ocean or pool.

Once again, instead of answering the question directly he asked me to stand still and close my eyes. He then asked “What you hear?”

I heard air conditioning units. I heard people walking by talking loudly. I heard the waves of the ocean. I heard lots and lots of wind.

He then asked me to open my eyes to look and find where the sun was. The sun was shining right in our eyes. There was no shade. It was actually blinding.

He said that when we look at at the ocean our senses tend to ignore many sensory inputs. Our mind will block out noises and other distractions as long as we focus on a particular thing such as the waves or the beautiful scenery.

He said the audio and video equipment do not have the ability to filter out these things and instead, report all of them. The novice video marketing attorney fails to remember that all of these things are recorded which will immediately destroy any video you create.

“What do you do in order to shoot outdoors in a beautiful setting right here poolside or by the beach?” I asked.

“That’s the big challenge. You have to find a place with some shade and in an effort to minimize the wind on the audio, it’s often helpful to find an area with a wall to buffet the wind. In addition you must use a windscreen on your microphone. If you don’t,  your audio will get destroyed every time the wind hits the microphone. Your viewer will not understand a single thing you are saying and it will be extremely annoying and distracting.

Now I know why Gerry set up his equipment near the entrance. There’s a wall there he was using as a wind-shield. He didn’t think we would get much interruption this hour and any way, he only wanted to shoot about 4 or 5 quick video clips.

In between these video clips I asked him whether he had a set agenda in a specific order in which he wanted to do these videos. His answer surprised me.

“A consumer who has a legal problem doesn’t have a particular order in which they want to see their content. Instead, they just want to see the content and get answers to their questions,” Gerry answered,

In fact, this afternoon’s videos were all unrelated to each other. They were five separate clips concerning different aspects of the litigation process in New York.

What I found most remarkable was that Gerry was shooting these videos only from a few notes he wrote down on a scrap piece of paper. He had no script. He had no outline. Yet he knew exactly what he wanted to talk about.

He instinctively knew how to package that material into a concise 2-3 minute video filled with great information.

I asked him whether that was always the case where he had this ability to create such a tight concise package of information in such a natural and easy-going manner.

His answer was refreshing.

“No. Nobody was born knowing how to do this. You have to learn on your own and practice until it becomes totally natural and comfortable. You must practice over and over in order to achieve a specific level of competence and comfort. Only then does it appear effortless and easy.

In my next post I wrap up my observations and summarize what I’ve learned here in St. Maarten with Gerry and his family.

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