What Could You Learn in a Private St. Maarten Video Marketing Hands-On Workshop?

St. Maarten, Phillipsburg

  • The opportunity to learn cutting edge video marketing strategies to market your law firm online.

  • The ability to learn how to convert online video viewers into callers.

  • How to present your content in a compelling way that gets viewers fascinated who actually WANT to watch your video to the end.

  • How to multipurpose your video content into all other forms of marketing messages.

  • How to better communicate with your viewer using powerful psychological strategies.

These are just some of the key concepts that really smart lawyers will learn by joining me in an exclusive two day seminar at my favorite beautiful Caribbean resort on St. Maarten.
You can be a ‘newbie’ who is just learning about video marketing. You can be a highly advanced marketing student or in between.
My goal is to teach you things that nobody else is teaching.
It’ll be a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in yourself and your law firm and gain valuable knowledge and information about video marketing in a way that no other video marketing company provides.
You are welcome to extend your stay in St. Maarten and enjoy the island and everything it has to offer…which is plenty.
As a trusted member of the Lawyers Video Studio you’ll have direct access to me and my video marketing team during the two days you are there. You’ll be shooting educational video during the program and you’ll see how much fun it can be.
The plan: This will happen in either February or March 2013. If you think this is the right program for you and the stars have aligned for you at the right time, send me a private email: Gerry@lawyersvideostudio and let’s chat. It’ll be eye opening and exciting.
It’s designed to be a very small, select group of highly motivated attorneys who can benefit most from my program. Are you one of them? Let me know if you are. I’d love to hear from you. Email me: Gerry@lawyersvideostudio.com or click here to set up a quick call.
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New York Attorney Gerry Oginski is the leading expert on creating lawyer videos. He is the uncontested master of using video to generate new business for lawyers.

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