We Don’t Do Attorney Video Bios & Here’s Why

The reason is simpler than you think.

Nobody cares about you. That’s it.

They don’t care where you went to school. Nobody cares how big your law firm is. They don’t care about why you became a lawyer. They don’t need to know what your altruistic reasons are for helping people. That’s all filler that has nothing to do with how you can help them.

I see attorney video bio’s all the time. Video production companies love them. They get paid for it. They argue that a consumer who is searching for an attorney likes to learn about the lawyer before hiring them. There may be some truth to that, but it’s not a compelling reason in my mind to create a video about “Me, me, me.”

We would all be better off if lawyers stopped talking about themselves. Really, we would.

Instead, if attorneys simply provided useful educational material in their videos, consumers and potential clients would immediately recognize that the attorney has information they need and want.

Do I really care that an attorney was a boy scout as a young child? Do I need to know they played lacrosse in college? Does it help me know they spend time volunteering during the marathon?

The reality is that most consumers don’t care about you as an attorney. They only care about one thing: THEMSELVES. That’s it. They want to know how YOU can help THEM and how you can help solve THEIR problem.

That’s why I do not create attorney bio’s. Ever. It’s a waste of my time and a waste of my Lawyers Video Studio client’s time.

I do recognize that many large law firms have latched onto creating video libraries of attorney bio’s. They claim it’s helpful when someone has referred a client to the attorney and now the client wants to learn more about the lawyer. That’s an Ok argument, but not one I agree with.

Focus on what’s important to the client, not to you and your firm. That will make all the difference in the world.

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