Warning: Don’t Create Your Own Attorney Video Till You Read This

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Here’s a perfect example of what happens when you think you can do it all yourself. A good friend of mine is a very sharp businessman. He wanted to create his own video to upload online to market his business. Great idea. The problem was the details.

I recently got an email from my friend letting me know that the video file size was over 40 GB  and was taking literally, days, to upload to YouTube. He asked if this was normal.

I told him very clearly that his settings were all wrong. That file size is astronomically huge. Giganto. Humongo. Enormo. (How do you like those made-up legal words?)

I then recommended a few different ways to solve his problem. There are two great pieces of software that compresses video to manageable sizes. However, unless you are willing to learn all about compression rates, frame rates, bitrate, audio compression, hi-definition dimensions versus stand definition dimensions, your video will not come out crystal clear in a size that is acceptable.

The other example I want to share with you is an attorney who told me how he wanted to do his videos. He said he was very comfortable with the TV ads he created and wanted to revert to type and use the same slogans as in his TV ads. I was polite but very firm. “No. That’s not what online video is about. It’s totally different than TV ads. The people who are watching TV ads have a totally different mindset than viewers who are online searching for an attorney.”

If you want to create video on your own, keep in mind that the devil is in the details. Also, the content you may be really familiar with will not work as online video. You need to create content your viewers need and want to know. You want to practice law and leave the marketing to someone else. That’s where I come in. I do that. In fact, I do all this:

  1. I am a practicing New York medical malpractice lawyer.
  2. I created a done-for-you service to create 50 videos in a one-day video shoot.
  3. I show you a viewer’s mindset and how to create content your viewers want and need to know in a one-hour mastermind strategy success call.

If you think you’re the right fit for us, I encourage you to contact my production manager to set up your free phone consultation. Email: kathleen@lawyersvideostudio.com or by phone, 1-800-320-4314. I look forward to your call.

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