Want to Get Motivated With Video? Learn How an 8 Year Old Takes Action

David diving in the ocean

How Does an 8 Year Old Know What His Goals are and How Does He Know How to Reach Them?

I’m on vacation with my family in St. Maarten, a beautiful Caribbean island. We were spending an afternoon at Pelican beach, a great little beach with a protected cove and crystal clear blue water. About 100 feet from shore, in really deep water, sat a square dock with a ladder. It’s used for sunbathers and brave swimmers who want to dive off of a dock in the middle of the ocean.

The moment we arrived at the beach, my 8 year old said “Dad, I’m going there,” pointing to the floating dock. With gusto and enthusiasm he did what all kids do when they see what they want; he dropped his towel, his shoes and sunglasses as fast as he could and made a beeline right into the calmest waters we’ve seen. The water was magnificent, you could see right down to the bottom of the water. Click on the PLAY button below.

He didn’t ask. He didn’t question the depth. He wasn’t concerned with what might have been in the ocean as he’s swimming out to the dock. He simply made a statement and took action. He’s a strong swimmer with a great stroke and watching him swim out to the dock made me really proud. When he arrived, there were five other kids of differing ages on the dock already. All were older and bigger than he was. He didn’t care.

He wanted to be on that dock and he was determined to do what he had to; to get there and start diving. That’s exactly what he started to do. Beautiful dives. Captured with my 250 mm lens on my Canon T2i dSLR. Stop-action photos. Mid-air photos of his dive. Great stuff. After 10 minutes of diving off the dock, he jumped in the water again and began his swim back to shore. He arrived on the shore with a very satisfied look and began to look for his next adventure.

What does this have to do with creating attorney video? Everything.

How does an 8 year old know what his goal is? Simple. He saw what he wanted. Then, and this is the most important part, he took action. He didn’t ask; he didn’t question; he didn’t daven (a Jewish term that means to philosophize, pray and spend ages thinking about the risks and benefits of a particular action). He didn’t concern himself with what other people would think. He didn’t worry about whether he could swim that far. He took the initiative. He jumped in and started swimming to where he wanted to go. He was clearly confident enough with his swimming that he knew he could do it. Likewise, I knew he could do it and watched him the entire time.

What’s Your Goal and How Will You Get There?

Do you want more potential clients to call? Do you want to convert more online viewers to callers? You know what your goal is, but do you know how to get there? I do. I’ve done it. I’ve learned how to do it and I will tell you that it works.

Want to learn how to get to your goal of attracting new clients without learning all the technical stuff?

Want to learn how to create video from a seasoned medical malpractice trial lawyer who is also an experienced video producer?

If you do, I have the solution. It called the Total Online Video Solution for Attorneys, and I designed it just for you. To learn more about my video program designed for busy lawyers like yourself, click here.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

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