So you want to create an animated video… Should you?

Animated video for Lawyers Video Studio

Animated video for Lawyers Video Studio

You have seen all these hyped animated videos. People selling inexpensive software to create hand-drawn or fancy animated PowerPoint slideshows.

All you need to do select a couple of images, enter a little text and bamm! Your video magically appears all animated and ready to go.

Let me ask the more important question:

Just because you can, does it mean you should?

Sure you can find some nice nifty software that will do some cool things for you. Yes it’s a novelty. Yes it’s different. But is it different in a good way? Is it different in the way that will attract your ideal clients and consumers?

I will tell you that I have personally used a hand drawn animated video to market our services here in the lawyer’s video studio. It’s a really cool marketing example of something that can work. Take a look…

However, before rushing out to buy a $27 piece of software or spending thousands of dollars for a custom-made five-minute video, let me share with you some of the concerns I have with this style of video.

Think about how your online viewer connects with you and is able to form a bond so they get to recognize you, hear your voice and begin to trust you. Only by repeated interactions where viewers watch your videos repeatedly or watch many of your videos, are you able to build trust and authority with them.

Narrated PowerPoint slide shows or even an animated video, can help explain certain points. However, a viewer who is searching for information wants to see you. They want to see the attorney who is going to help answer their legal question. They want to hear the attorney. They want to form a judgment in their own mind whether they like you and trust you enough with their pressing legal problem.

Remember, every type of media works. It’s how you deploy it and implement it that will determine whether it works correctly for you.

One of the great things about video is that a viewer actually gets to see you, hear you and begins to learn from you. Now when they come into your office and meet you for the very first time, that trust factor has gone up exponentially and now they have a familiarity with you that they never would have had had they not been able to see you and hear you on video.

An animated video eliminates the possibility that you viewer actually gets to see you and become familiar with you. One of the key reasons why video is so compelling is that the person watching your video from their computer, their tablet or their smart phone is that they connect with you by looking at you. You are virtually looking back at the viewer, assuming you’re not at a 45° angle doing some type of fake interview.

If you lose  eye contact, you will lose your bond and ability to connect with that viewer. That is one significant shortcoming of creating an animated video.

Remember what I said earlier. All types of media can work. Animated video can work to attract your ideal clients and consumers. The majority of your colleagues and competitors will not have the type of animated video you are considering. That may help you stand out from the crowd temporarily.

As I mentioned before, an animated video, if done and executed well, is novel and different. However, with the abundance of automated software and many companies getting into the act of creating hand-drawn whiteboard animated videos, the novelty will wear off quicker than you expect.

In my opinion, the clear-cut winner between the different types of video available, is to always having a human being talking on camera to your potential viewer who is searching for information.

Short of an actual client appearing in your office and sitting down next to you, the next best thing is to get in front of the camera.

If you have decided to go for the next shiny new object and create an animated video, send me what you’ve got. I’d love to see it.

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I decided to create a whole video library to help educate consumers in my market about auto accidents and other injury claims, and also to help supplement other advertising. I chose not to do this on my own because I do not have the time to sit down and put all this together and figure it all out. And I wanted sort of a turnkey solution. I definitely recommend Gerry. I mean, you know, I think it’s a great program and I have been here all day and I’ve shot, I don’t know, 40, 50 videos. And so it’s hard to get that accomplished especially for what you’re getting. You know, you have to go to a studio somewhere, it’s on site. And I would definitely – the ease of this – I would definitely recommend it to any colleague or friend.

Charles Pitman
Charles Pitman Injury Lawyers, LLC