Video: Your Consumers & Clients Expect You To Have It

It’s simple really. You create video to educate your ideal client.
They now EXPECT you to have video. Hi-definition video. Quality video. Educational video that informs and teaches. What will your consumer or ideal client think if they come to your website and you have NO video or have video that stinks?

They’ll think that the quality of your legal work is comparable to your video. While that may not be true, the impression you leave is one that is usually irreparable.

How can you remedy that problem?

Learn how to create video to market yourself online or hire an experienced trial attorney to help you create 50 or 100 videos to market your law firm. The choice is yours.

To learn how we create 50 or 100 videos to market you using online video, I encourage you to explore my educational website, If you’d like to set up a phone consult with me, send an email to or by phone: 1-800-320-4314. I welcome your call.

Lawyers Video Studio, LLC
25 Great Neck Rd., Ste. 4
Great Neck, NY 11021

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I think we shot at least 50 videos in one day, which to me was amazing. That was probably the thing I was most nervous about when you said we were going to shoot 50 videos, I thought we would be here until midnight and it’s well short of midnight when we finished. So I’m really pleased with the amount of work that we got done in one day.
I would say call Gerry. He’ll spend the time with you on the phone to talk to you about what he does. It’s not a hard sell.

Stephen Hamilton
Law Office of Stephen Hamilton