3 Ways to Improve Your Website’s SEO Using Video

 Video SEO For Law Firms

3 Ways to Improve Your Website’s SEO Through Video

Guest Post by George Murphy of The Search Ninjas

video SEO for law firms

There are many advantages to filming video for your law firm website, with most of the ones that come to mind being conversion-related. Sure, your website’s users being able to see an HD-quality, informative video of you talking about a topic that is important to them is going to make more of an impression than text and images, but there are also many SEO advantages to filming videos that aren’t always mentioned. I’m not talking about your Youtube videos coming up in the Google or Youtube search results because the video’s titles and descriptions are optimized (which is basically video SEO 101), I’m talking about some behind-the-scenes aspects and ideas related to your videos that can use to improve your website’s visibility on search engines that you might not have thought about before.

Here are 3 tips that you can use to use videos to improve your law firm SEO:

Videos for Google+ Local SEO

A lot of SEO’ers will spend the majority of their time figuring out which video sites will allow them to include actual (dofollow) hyperlinks in the video descriptions so that they can build more links to their clients’ websites, and completely ignore the local SEO aspect of the video descriptions with is one simple word: consistency. For Google+ Local, the main ranking factor is that your law firm’s name, address, and phone number are the exact same on other websites as it is on your Google+ Local profile, and on as many external websites (also referred to as “citation sites”) as possible. Websites like Citysearch, Superpages, local.yahoo.com, and other directory sites which are important citation sites for Google+ Local are very important when it comes to your law firm ranking well for geo-specific terms like “New York medical malpractice attorneys” and “Florida accident lawyer”, but your Youtube and other video accounts’ video descriptions can also serve as important citation sources which can push you ahead of the local competition if your NAP (name, address, and phone number) are included EXACTLY as they appear on your Google+ Local profile. In fact, according to getlsited.org’s list of top attorney-related citation sources, Youtube.com is the sixth most important website for your local SEO efforts. And when you’re submitting your information to some of those non-video-related directory sites, also be sure to include some of your videos to enhance your listings.

Schema.org Video Markup

Schema.org is a structured data markup launched in 2011 that Google has publicly endorsed as being the preferred markup language for websites communicating with search engines. On-page aspects such as NAP (name address and phone number), reviews, events, and.. you guessed it, videos… can be marked up using schema.org to optimize a website’s pages for better search result indexing. If your website has videos, you probably want to check out this Google Webmaster blog post to make sure your videos are properly marked up, and you can also use Google’s rich snippet testing tool to find out if they’re seeing your videos in a markup language. Tip: if you’re using WordPress for your website, I would recommend investing in Yoast’s Video SEO for WordPress plugin as it takes a lot of the legwork related to markup language and creating video sitemaps (both of which being important for law firm SEO) out of the equation.

Video Testimonials

The next time you’re recording video in your videographer’s studio, or even if you do your own video, put together a video testimonial for some products or services that you use on a regular basis. There’s nothing more powerful for a business of any kind than a respected attorney talking about how awesome their product or service is, so build a list of products or services that you use on a regular basis, such as:

  • Process servers
  • Videographers
  • Court reporting services
  • Cleaning company
  • Website design and SEO Company (whose websites likely have a lot of authority)
  • Local Restaurants where you order lunch
  • Software that you use
  • Payroll or accounting service
  • Leasing company (although most of you who have been reading Gerry’s blog for long enough are probably doing well enough to afford to buy your own highrise tower)
  • Car dealership
  • Content writers
  • IT consultant
  • Printing company
  • Videographer (obviously)
  • Television, radio, or other type of marketing/advertising company that you use
  • Electrician, landscaping company, contractor, or any other type of service that you use on a regular basis…

And record a video testimonial telling them how awesome they are. Take the video, upload it to Youtube or your video host of choice, and e-mail them the embed code along with this code below the embed code:

by <a href=”http://www.yourwebsite.com”>Keyword Attorney Name</a>

so that it also includes a link to your website. Once they put your testimonial video on their website and link back to yours, it’ll improve the SEO of your website, and you might even get some traffic from all of the visitors of the product or service provider’s website who thought you looked very handsome (or pretty) in your HD video and just remembered that their sister needs a good divorce lawyer for that dirt-bag she’s married to.

Those are three tips on how to use video to improve your website’s law firm SEO efforts. I hope they come in handy.

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George Murphy, Founder of Search Ninjas


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