Video Marketing for Lawyers: Are You In The Zone?

Not the parking zone, not the end zone; I’m talking about “the zone.”

The zone is where you get this clarity and recognize you need to do something different to help market your practice. I was on the phone on a conference call with an attorney in Florida. A mutual friend of ours wanted to introduce me to  let them know about attorney video and how it’s so useful to market their law practice. This attorney told me that he and his firm do absolutely no advertising at all. No yellow pages, no TV ads, no display ads, no billboards, no radio campaign, no classifieds, nada, nothing.

Instead, they get all of their cases by word of mouth referrals. What amazed me is that it didn’t sound like he and his firm were interested in pursuing other sources of revenue through the use of social media or video marketing for attorneys.  Rather, they had to turn away a good portion of the cases they were sent because they had so much work.

That’s a great position to be in, and one that every attorney and law firm would envy. Although the attorney recognized how useful and beneficial creating video is, it sounded as if his firm was totally content to continue getting cases the way they always have.

Most attorneys are constantly looking for new ways to market themselves and to stand out from the crowd.

Since most of this lawyer’s cases came from attorney referrals, he paid lawyers a portion of the attorney fee, in accordance with his State’s ethical rules. That meant that he was giving up a sizable chunk of money to each referring attorney. I asked him if he’d like a revenue stream where he’d have clients calling his office directly and if he took those cases, there would be no referral fee.

Know what the attorney said?

“We have enough cases and we’re very selective in what we take. Although what you are suggesting is interesting, we have to turn away 90% of the cases we look at, and those are still good cases.”

That’s a really great position to be in. Yet, I couldn’t help but think that as good as this law firm was, they couldn’t see the forest for the trees. They were so focused on a great referral base (as every lawyer should be doing) that they were excluding other key sources of revenue. Which income stream was I referring to? Video marketing for lawyers.

If nothing else, my conversation produced an introduction to a great lawyer and insight into the mind of a law firm resistant to change.

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I found Gerry’s approach to be a common sense approach to… what people are looking for. It’s not necessarily what we think our video should be, it’s really what people are searching for. Gerry’s made a study of how people search the web and what they need from lawyers and then he’s able to communicate that on video. That’s what I really found intriguing: the methodology by which we shoot the videos and the way that he communicates that methodology.

Joe Hanyon
MHK Attorneys