How many video companies can point to a video that they’ve done for an attorney that has generated valid calls and profit for the lawyer?

Why  do so many video companies who create video for attorneys claim they can do what we do, yet can’t show any actual results?

There’s only one reason…

It’s because they want your business.

But there’s a problem.

Anyone can create a video now. Your high school kid. Your wedding videographer. Your marketing guy who bought a video camera hoping to hop onto the attorney video bandwagon and create video for unsuspecting lawyers.

Heck, you can use your iPhone to shoot  video. But really, if a video company who claims to create great video for attorneys can’t show you real results that the attorney has achieved from their videos, why would you ever hire them?

I know why…

There are usually two reasons:

  1. They claim to be the lowest priced video guys and that’s enticing to you and
  2. They’re convenient and make lots of promises to you about what they’ll actually do for you, so you don’t have to do much work at all.

But before you jump on the cheap way out and think you’re getting a great deal, I strongly encourage you to ask any video company the following series of questions…

  1. How many videos have you actually done for lawyers?
  2. Do you do exclusively video for lawyers?
  3. Of those videos, how many have generated a call to the attorney’s office?
  4. Of those calls, how many of those have turned into a valid case?
  5. Of those valid cases, how many of those have generated profit for the law firm?
  6. Do you personally use the type of videos you create for attorneys to generate business from attorneys?
  7. If you have used these same types of videos, how many attorneys called you as a result of those educational videos?
  8. How many of those lawyers hired you to create their videos?
  9. How much profit did you earn from those attorneys?
  10. Who is my ideal client?
  11. What compels a viewer to call me instead of my competitor?

If you ask these questions, you will likely find that the video guy you are talking to will have no answers to most of those questions.

Then, if they claim that they do have answers and claim their videos have generated calls and profit for the attorney, ask them to prove it.

The sad reality is that they won’t be able to. They’ll give you lots of excuses about why they can’t prove it…

“That’s confidential.”

“We have no way to track that information.”

“The attorney doesn’t share that information with us.”

Here’s the bottom line…

If the video guy can’t show you actual results, what makes you think his services will generate any results for you? Not anecdotal results. Not hearsay. Actual results from actual videos.

I am always amazed when an attorney has chosen to hire a video company that can’t show any results from their work. Yet this happens every day.

What’s your alternative?

That’s simple…

Hire a proven and tested video marketing company that can show you actual results from actual videos.

If the video company you are considering can’t show you these types of results, why would you ever hire them to create your legal marketing videos?

Would you ever hire an attorney who boasted of being able to get results but couldn’t actually show you he achieved those results?

Need help creating your videos?

Want to create lots of great educational video in one day?

If you do, then I encourage you to reach out to me and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Call me at 516-487-8207.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Best regards,


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