Using educational attorney video to promote people, charities and businesses

Charity Box. This is known as a Tzedakah box.

Charity Box. This is known as a Tzedakah box.

You think I only advocate using attorney video to promote yourself and your content.

I actually advocate using educational video to help educate and teach your ideal consumers about information they need to know.

One of the best ways you can gain appreciation from those you frequent in your community is to acknowledge them publicly for the good they do every day.

If you like a charity in your town and they do a great service, create a video about them letting your viewers know how cool they are. Explain what they do. Highlight the benefits of belonging to this charity and how you can even participate.

Then when the video is up online, send the charity the video with a note or email letting them know and asking them to link to it and sharing it with their list.

Then, you could notify your local newspaper and alert them to this great video promoting this charity, not you. Huge difference.

In case you can’t see the benefit, you can also use this technique and strategy to promote businesses, people, charities in your newsletters. People love to be publicly acknowledged for what they do.

When you voluntarily showcase someone in your community, without asking for anything in return, you will be surprised to see how this effort comes back multiple times to you repeatedly.

Try it and let me know your results over time.

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