Using a DSLR for Attorney Video

Canon T2i dSLR

Today’s guest post is from Jim Folliard the video expert at Fairfax Video Studios in Fairfax, Virginia. I asked Jim to explain some of the pros and cons of using a DSLR to create your own video.

DSLR cameras are becoming more and more popular and there are some reasons why, first, you can shoot photos and video, you can change lenses and footage is stored on a common SD card.  Lets talk about the pros and cons of video on these cameras.  The footage is so stunning from a $1500 camera such as the Canon 7D and the Nikon D300S that shows like Saturday Night Live and movie producers are using these cameras to produce their imagery.  Just go to YouTube and search Canon 7D and you will see the visuals.  The ability for these cameras to handle low light is spectacular and often you will not need to use expensive video lights to achieve a beautiful shot. With that said, there are still a lot of cons.  These cameras are hard to focus.  The focus is so fine that if you are not focused properly on the subject it might be blurry.  The view finder is not the same as a “video camera”.  DSLR’s dont do well with audio and the record time is usually limited to 5 or 10 minutes per clip.  BUT, there are a lot of accessories to overcome a lot of these issues. If you are a lawyer you want to look good to compete and these cameras will make you look great.  Be sure you use a tripod and a wireless mic set that will plug in to the 1/8 inch audio jack on the camera and you can create videos anywhere that will look stunning.

Jim Folliard
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