When Should You Upgrade Your Video Equipment?

60dThe simple answer is as soon as you’ve outgrown the video equipment you’re currently using.

I always recommend using what you have. Learn how to use it really well. Continue to use what’s working before opting to upgrade.

It’s easy to upgrade. Especially after a holiday or Black Friday or Black Monday when there are lots of sales.

Don’t be smitten by the latest and greatest shiny object. It’s easy to become enamored by the newest gadget that will slice, dice and do everything short of wiping your butt. The reality is that you don’t need it. Really, you don’t.

Here’s a perfect example…

I use a Canon dSLR camera. I have multiple lenses. I have all the accessories. I know how to use this camera really well. It takes me only minutes to get my settings just right. I know how to change my ISO settings and my exposure settings and my white balance. I know how to instantly flip between photos and video.

I know how to use the remote control and how to use different lenses to achieve a different look and feel for my videos.

However, only two months ago, Canon came out with their new version of my camera. It’s an upgrade. A significant improvement on what I’ve been using for a while. It has some key features that clearly I’d be able to use and take advantage of, if I upgrade.

I spent hours researching the new upgraded dSLR camera. I watched YouTube reviews. I scoured the tech sites for written reviews and actual footage and images. I wanted to see the comparisons between what I have and what I was looking to get.

I am now a fully informed consumer.

The problem is that this was around Thanksgiving time. Lots of sales and holiday promotions. I figured it was time to upgrade and I’d be able to ‘justify’ my upgraded purchase since I’d be able to use all those new features on the camera. I also convinced myself I’d be able to quickly sell my current dSLR and that would cushion the upgraded investment I’d be making.

This would surely be an investment that would last me for many years.

Then, over the weekend, I shot some great educational video with the equipment I currently have and came to the immediate conclusion that (1) there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it and (2) it works perfectly.

Although I was pining for the new camera, I realized that there’s nothing wrong with using what you’re using as long as it’s working for you.

Who knows? Maybe in a few months, I’ll get that urge and choose to upgrade. However, that’s an emotional decision that’s entirely different than a practical one.

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3 Responses to When Should You Upgrade Your Video Equipment?

  • I have to say this simple answer is, it depends on the job! Some of the jobs you will do not need the most high cameras and sometimes all the nuts and bolts of working a high tech camera can slow down the shooting process. I say stick to what your’e comfortable with and what produces the best results.

  • I totally agree. That’s why I love using what you have and then when you’ve really outgrown it, that’s when you can/should upgrade. Until then, no need to.

  • Ken Brier says:

    I think when you find yourself using one of those selfie sticks to take a zoomed out photo of yourself using your cellphone that it is safe to say that you should probably upgrade.

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