The Undeniable Power of the Quick and Dirty Testimonial Video

by Tom Foster, Founder and CEO of Foster Web Marketing

At Foster Web Marketing, we’re always saying, “High quality video is the best way to attract your perfect client and beat out your competition.”

However, there are situations that call for a quick and dirty video solution. That’s right, not every video you shoot needs to be a professionally produced product.

Does this seem crazy for us to say, when we own our own studio? Don’t think we’ve gone off the deep end. We still believe that your flagship videos—those that grace your home page, practice areas, and bio pages—should be of the highest possible quality. But there is an exception to every rule, and quick and dirty testimonial videos are such a exception.

Capturing Authentic Moments…With Your iPhone?

Video testimonials are one of the best kinds of videos for your marketing—and one of the hardest to get. A quick and easy video with your phone or tablet can be incredibly effective because seeing your clients speak from their hearts, in their own words, is amazingly compelling!

So, how do you get started? With the right lighting, a little attention to detail and the mobile device of your choosing, you can shoot an effective testimonial video in your office.

As your case wraps up, ask your client if she would be willing to say a few words about working with you on camera. Reassure her it does not have to be scripted or perfect—it just has to be genuine! If you catch her following the announcement of a big settlement or after you’ve helped her solve a stressful problem, you’re likely to get some heartfelt footage.

Now, don’t waste an authentic testimonial video by forgetting your video basics! If you’re an amateur camera-person, remember these tips:

  • Lighten up. Never put your subject in front of a window or other light source. Ideally, the light should come from in front of the pleased client, and should be bright enough to prevent grainy video. And whatever you do, do not use the flash on your device.
  • Declutter. A busy background will distract the viewer from the words of praise being spoken. Keep the background simple—a plain wall or one with a piece of art or two will work well.
  • Rotate. You’ll want the shot to be horizontal, like your television screen, so rotate that phone.
  • Frame. Unless you want to get a good view of her nostrils, be sure to shoot all video at eye level. For women, it’s often recommended that you shoot from slightly higher than eye level.
  • Zoom. Keep the shot tight—but not uncomfortably so—by keeping your client in the middle of the screen with only a few inches of space between her head, shoulders, and the edges of the shot.
  • Tap. Don’t forget to tap your subject’s image on the screen. This will place the focus squarely on her face, allowing for a fuzz-free shoot. As a bonus, that tap will adjust for light and color balance.
  • Brace. Use both your hands to hold the device and tuck your elbows into your sides. This will prevent much of the shaking associated with filming with a phone or tablet. Alternately, set your phone on a desk using one of the many mobile device holders on the market.
  • Edit. Your testimonial should be no longer than one minute. Period. If you are comfortable with video editing apps, use them to stitch together a succinct video.

Once you have this footage, follow standard video optimization advice: Think like a copywriter and pick a great title for your video—including the type of case and your location. Transcribe the testimonial for the video description, and let the client’s own words speak for you.

Then get that video on your website and YouTube Channel ASAP! If you do this every time you close out a case with a great client, all those positive words about you and your firm will drown out any online noise made by your competition.

Get more inside tips about lawyer videos by downloading our free book, The 8 Biggest Mistakes That Lawyers Make with Video or call us at (855) 624-9812.



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Gerry-- This is truly one of the BEST videos explaining this little known fact I have EVER seen produced by a personal injury attorney! Well done!

Stephen Fairley
Rainmaker Institute