What type of attorney creates video in the Lawyers Video Studio?

  1. An attorney who gets it.
  2. An attorney who understands how powerful video marketing is.
  3. An attorney who recognizes that you need to create lots of great educational video.
  4. An attorney who wants to get motivated to create many videos in one day.
  5. A lawyer who is open to ideas and video marketing strategies that have been proven to work.

What type of law do the lawyers who create video with Gerry actually handle?

Every single type of law in the United States.

Personal injury, medical malpractice, criminal defense, DUI, real estate, business transactions, family law, bankruptcy, social security disability, workers compensation, mass torts, asbestos litigation, patent law, trusts and estates and more.

Is there an actual Lawyers Video “studio” where lawyers shoot their legal marketing videos?

The answer is no.

We either come to you or you come to us. We like to change the locations where attorneys shoot video.

How long does it take to shoot 20 videos in New York?

Only 2-3 hours. One single morning.

How long does it take to shoot 30 videos in New York?

About 3 hours. One single morning.

How long does it take to shoot 50 videos, either in your office or in New York?

That takes a full day. We usually start at 7:30 a.m. and go till 4:00 p.m.

If I want to create more than 50 videos in one day, can I do it?

Yes indeed. It simply means you will practice more and be more efficient with your timing.

After I shoot 20 videos in one morning, how soon can after can I do another video shoot?

You need 3-4 weeks to prepare and practice for your next shoot.

Can I create 100 videos in one day?

No. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. It’s best to do two separate video shoots of 50 videos each, about six months apart.

I want to dominate my online video space. In fact, I want to continually pump out great new video content. Can I create 200 videos in the course of a year?

Yes indeed.

We have video programs that are tailored to the lawyer and high value law firm who really gets it and understands the benefit of dominating your online space. We have programs that allow you to create 150 videos/year, 200 videos/year and 300 videos/ year.

But I have to warn you…

Those programs are only for really smart attorneys who are willing to invest in themselves, their law firm and their families.

Have more questions?

Call me. I can answer your video marketing questions. I answer attorney’s video marketing questions every day and would love the opportunity to answer your questions.

You can reach me at 516-487-8207 or by email at Gerry@LawyersVideoStudio.com.

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avatarGerry, it was great to meet you and I am proud to say I have got my first video up on the web! Your online course is excellent. Take care.

David Brannen
Resolute Legal