Trust-Based Marketing for Lawyers Using Video & Why Are So Many Contractors Unreliable?

As attorneys, we market our practice based upon trust.

We strive to establish relationships with our new potential clients. We do everything possible to get them to know us, like us and begin to trust us before they ever meet us.

Establishing trust is a key factor in getting a viewer to pick up the phone and call.

Once you have established trust, you now have the ability to help, advise and make recommendations that are likely to be accepted by your new client.

Why then do so many people lose trust with their attorneys and as a side note, with their contractors?

Unfortunately, many professionals do not keep their promises and lose the trust they have worked so hard to build up with their new client.


I encountered this scenario personally after Hurricane Sandy blew through New York when a massive tree on my front lawn toppled over and crushed my garage, damaged my windows, my roof, my cars and my property.

I had called my roofing contractor who had worked on various projects at my home over the years to ask him to provide me with a roofing repair estimate. Within a few days he was at my home and promised to give me a prompt estimate as well as an estimate of what it would cost to reconstruct my entire garage.

One week went by without any response. Two weeks went by with a response. Finally, on week three I called his office and asked where was the repair estimate. No response.

Again I called and asked where was the construction repair estimate. No response.

I trusted these guys. They did excellent work before. They were the first ones I called after the storm.

The owner personally came to my house to inspect.

He made promises to me.

He then broke each one of those promises.

Almost one month later, after making numerous phone calls asking where the estimates were, his office reluctantly e-mailed me an estimate. I was disturbed. He only included one component of the roofing repair in his estimate. He failed to ever get me the estimate to reconstruct my entire garage.

He made promises that he failed to keep. He lost my trust. Even though his company may do good work, I can no longer trust him.


I contacted a public adjuster as I was seeking assistance in dealing with my homeowner’s insurance company. This gentleman had been personally referred by my insurance agent and had been given the highest recommendation. The public adjuster immediately called me back. I was pleased to see such a quick response. He promised he would be out to see me in a few days.

He never came.

He never responded to any of my calls or e-mails.

One week later, the public adjuster called me telling me he could not help me since he was overwhelmed with work and that since I was an attorney anyway I most likely did not need his assistance. While comforting to know that, he lost the ability to generate trust when he broke his promise to come out to my home to inspect.

He failed to live up to his promise. He will never get my business or recommendation.


No matter what business you are in, your obligation is to create and continue your trust-based relationship. If you fail to live up to promises you have made you will violate your clients trust every single time and will continue to hemorrhage business.

If you’re going to make promises on video, make sure you live up to those promises-always.



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