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Guest post today by Nadia Jones

Unless you were formally trained in video editing and production, capturing quality clips and seamlessly putting them together to make a comprehensive video to promote your legal services is something that is usually done with trial and error.  But while perfecting the filmmaking craft is typically accomplished over time, producing low-quality films can sometimes turn potential clients (and your audience) off. Instead of blindly experimenting, you can expedite the learning process by taking a few online courses in video editing and production—and the best part? They’re absolutely free. The following courses are offered by some of the most prestigious universities in the nation, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and are designed to allow enthusiasts to learn the ticks and the trade of video editing. While you can’t earn credit or get further assistance from professors or classmates, these classes do provide old class material, such as syllabi, course readings and lecture videos for example, so that you can teach yourself.

1. Introduction to Video [MIT]. This undergraduate course is the perfect solution for those that don’t have the slightest clue about video. Like any other introductory course, this online class will teach students the fundamentals of video editing and production, including how to capture audio and images, as well as how to properly use equipment and special editing software.

2. Digital Video: An Introduction [Columbia]. This e-seminar, which is taught by filmmaker and author Michael Rubin, is created to help students learn the basics of video editing and production through the creation of a personal video project. Unfortunately it is only offered to Columbia students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  But if you’re an alum, this is a very high quality online class to learn the basics.

3. Good Shooting Guide: the Basic Principles [BBC]. This course isn’t really designed to teach students how to edit video, but it does adequately teach students what to do leading up to the editing process, including how to get the picture and sound you want and how to make minor corrections during the filming process such as using white balance.

4. Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling [Poynter]. While this class is designed for aspiring journalists, the class can in fact help educate those struggling in all areas of media—including those who don’t know how to produce video and convert them to digital files for the web. This class can also teach students how to write scripts and how to use other effective “video-esqe” methods to get messages across, such as with the use of audio slides and podcasts.   To learn more about video podcasting, on the other hand, check out the open courseware provided by Utah State University.

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