Monday’s Attorney Video Shoot-Here’s How It Went

Attorney Steve Gacovino handles mass-tort, defective drug litigation and personal injury cases in New York. He and his partner Ed Lake strive to improve the lives of injured victims with their knowledge and experience. Both of these attorneys recognize that the traditional forms of attorney advertising fail to set one attorney apart from another and that it is increasingly difficult for a consumer to make an educated decision about which attorney to choose.

Michael Serres and Michael Pyrros are two of the hardest-working, New York workers-compensation attorneys I know. They spend their days helping injured workers with their claims.

Both Steve and Ed (Gacovino & Lake & Associates), and Michael and Michael (Pyrros & Serres) realize that the future of attorney marketing is with video. Video allows you to establish a bond, create trust and distinguish yourself from every other lawyer out there. These attorneys are clearly ahead of the curve and will benefit greatly from creating video now instead of two years from now when most attorneys will wake up and realize they are so far behind the eight ball.

I’m pleased to say that both of these fine law firms have joined my total online video solution for lawyers.  In preparation for today’s video shoot, I met with Steve last week for a mastermind strategy session that mapped out the content that he would be talking about during his video shoot. I met with Michael Pyrros and Michael Serres two weeks earlier for a mastermind planning session.

During this meeting, we established a blueprint for the type of content they would be discussing in the future when they creates his own video. They will be creating their own video with the equipment that we purchased for them. This is the same video equipment that we professionally shot their videos with today, and taught him them to use. I can’t wait to show you their new video channels that will showcase all of the new videos on their websites.

What was so cool was that Steve is a natural on camera. Michael Pyrros and Michael Serres each had something specific and important to talk about, since they were literally talking to their ideal clients in their videos.

As my production team repeatedly tells me, any video producer or videographer can simply press the record button to record your video. However, it takes an experienced video producer who’s also an experienced trial attorney to know what content will compel a viewer to (1) click on your video and (2) watch the video in its entirety.

Keep an eye out for Gacovino & Lake’s videos, and Pyrros & Serres’ videos over the next few weeks;  you’ll see them here in the Lawyer’s Video Studio as well as on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

To learn how you can create attorney video without having to learn anything technical, at an affordable price, click here to read about Gerry’s Total Online Video Solution for Attorneys.

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Gerry, I've read your book and watched at least 100 of your videos, and follow your blog, so "I feel like I know you already!".

I wanted to introduce myself, I work for an attorney, David Aylor, in the Charleston, SC area. I do all his in house marketing, and most recently have focused on video marketing, using your approach.

We started exploring the strategy last July, started filming by September, and published the first video to YouTube Nov. 1. I am now publishing 2 videos per week and the response had been great.

I want to share with you how we have be utilizing the material on Facebook, to build a community of "friends" of the law firm. These are previous clients, referral sources, friends of the staff, other attorneys, new media (radio, TV, and print) as well as other prominent folks in the community.

I really was against the idea of Facebook marketing at first (because I think there's alot of hacks and snake oil salesmen in the "social media/SEO marketing" world). But I was very wrong, the content we are creating is being liked, shared, and commented on, and Facebook's strong community platform (and it's EdgeRank algorithm) is giving us a great way to keep our "inner circle" close to the office, and relevant in the minds of them and their friends.

This was the first video we posted to Facebook-
"Can My Facebook Profile Be Used As Evidence In Court?"
95 likes, 25 comments, 27 shares

The local NBC anchor actually saw it in his Facebook feed from a friend sharing it, and interviewed David Aylor for a 6 o'clock news story on Social Media and Privacy in the legal system. (you can see here if you'd like

I would love to show you more about how I'm strategizing these videos for YouTube use as well as Facebook now. I think there are definitely some areas of practice and law firms that it wouldn't work for, but I'm sure there are a bunch that would benefit from it.

Thanks for all you do, and I hope I get the pleasure of meeting you soon!

David Haskins