When is It Time to Upgrade Your Video Equipment?

equipThe answer is simple.

When you’ve outgrown what your current video equipment can do.

Here’s a good example…

Let’s say you started out with a $20 wired lapel microphone you bought online and you’ve noticed that your audio just isn’t that great. It sounds ‘tinny’ and as if you’re in a hollowed-out underground shelter whenever you hear yourself in a video.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your microphone.

When you consider whether to upgrade your equipment, here’s the question you should never ask:

“How little can I spend to get the best equipment possible for my budget?”

Instead, you need to approach this as an investment and not an expense or a cost. Remember, you’re going to be creating video for years to come. You are much better off asking “What is the maximum amount I can spend in order to invest in a quality microphone that will last me for years and years?”

There is a distinct difference between those two questions.

In addition, after you have gotten great use out of your investment you have the ability to then sell it as you look to upgrade to the next piece of equipment you want to invest in.

Years ago I invested in a great wireless microphone that served me well for many years. I never had a single problem with it. When a newer model came out I realized it was time for me to transition and invest in the newer model. This was also a great opportunity to sell my gently used equipment to a really smart marketer who recognized the incredible value they were receiving for the type of microphone I was selling.

I am pleased to say that within 30 minutes of my blog going live and telling my viewers about the microphone I was selling, it was immediately purchased by a really smart marketer named David Haskins who does some amazing marketing, especially on Facebook.


It’s time to upgrade when you have outgrown all the features and functions of your current equipment. Then you should sell what you have and  spend as much as you possibly can for the best equipment possible that will last you for years to come.

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