They Simply Don’t Learn; Big Marketing Company Creates Video for Attorneys Who Compete in Same Market

My daughter’s teddy bear hard at work in my office watching YouTube videos.

It’s astounding.

I was on YouTube today doing a search for New York personal injury attorneys.

I came across 3 different law firms in New York who are my competitors. They have new videos they just uploaded. I watched some of their videos. I was not impressed and here’s why:

  • Not because they compete with me.
  • Not because of who they are; they are actually excellent attorneys.
  • But because the content they created is virtually the same for all three of these competing law firms.

So here’s this big lawyer marketing company. You’d know them in a second if I were to mention their name. The topics that each of these competing NY personal injury law firms created were almost identical to each other! That to me is outrageous.

Didn’t these lawyers know that their competitors were creating video content with the same type of topics? More importantly, didn’t the big lawyer marketing company who was creating video for each of these competing law firms disclose the fact that they were creating videos for each of these law firms in Manhattan and that the topics are all the same?

I suspect not, given that they have now uploaded these videos with very similar topics.

I just don’t get it. Actually I do. That’s what happens when big marketing companies use the same topics and templates to create video content for anyone who signs up with them. That’s just bad marketing. It’s bad for business and it’s bad for relationships.

How are we different in the Lawyers Video Studio?


I go out of my way to help attorneys create content that is different. Different from your competitors. Different from your colleagues. Different topics. Different strategies. Different model of creating educational content that your viewers want and need.

I love being different and it shows.

Remember, here in the Lawyers Video Studio we are not just another video production company. Anybody can become a production company to create video. Anybody can come in to your office with a video camera and start shooting your video. We, on the other hand, are a video marketing company. That is something drastically different.

In the Lawyers Video Studio, I help you create video marketing systems that allow you to market your practice. Understanding the mindset of the viewer is the most critical component of creating your great video content. If you do not understand the mind of your viewer, and your video producer and video company do not understand this mindset, how then can you create great compelling video content that will convert a viewer into a caller?

If you simply want ego boosting videos that talk about ‘me, me, me’, then I strongly suggest you find a video production company to create your video, and there are a lot of them that do those types of videos.

If however you want to learn how to create video marketing systems for your law firm, then I encourage you to pick up the phone and call to learn how we can help. Leave a message for Kathleen at 1-800-320-4314 or by e-mail: We welcome your call.

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I decided to create a whole video library to help educate consumers in my market about auto accidents and other injury claims, and also to help supplement other advertising. I chose not to do this on my own because I do not have the time to sit down and put all this together and figure it all out. And I wanted sort of a turnkey solution. I definitely recommend Gerry. I mean, you know, I think it’s a great program and I have been here all day and I’ve shot, I don’t know, 40, 50 videos. And so it’s hard to get that accomplished especially for what you’re getting. You know, you have to go to a studio somewhere, it’s on site. And I would definitely – the ease of this – I would definitely recommend it to any colleague or friend.

Charles Pitman
Charles Pitman Injury Lawyers, LLC