These Lawyers Are Debating Whether to Put a Photo of Themselves on their Business Cards!

Gerry Oginski, NY Medical Malpractice Trial Lawyer

I can’t believe it.

I’m a member of the Solo Attorney Practitioner’s Forum on LinkedIn. I don’t know why I joined that LinkedIn group except to think it might be a good forum for solo practitioners. I was wrong.

This was the question posed:

I was sitting around with a few of my lawyer friends and clients and the discussion came up about whether or not to have a picture on your business card, I am strongly in favor of it, Your thoughts.

I can’t believe that in this day and age, lawyers are still debating whether to put a photo on their business card. Really? A debate?

The replies were fascinating. “It’s cheesy,” “It’s not professional,” “I made two sets of cards, one with my photo and one without.”

Arrghhh…I feel like screaming out loud.

Actually, after reading this nonsense, I took a deep breath and actually started to smile. I realized that these attorneys are so way behind the times that it’s actually a good thing. It’s good that they’re debating the merits of putting a photo on their business card. It’s good that they think putting a picture of yourself on a business card is cheesy and tacky.

If they did things that were cutting-edge and innovative then I’d be worried.

I have had my photo on my business card for 15 years now. Fifteen years. There’s no debate. It works. Just do it and move on.

The speed at which some attorneys sit and mentally decide whether something should or shouldn’t be done, from a marketing perspective, is remarkably slow and tortured.

The lawyers participating in this ‘debate’ think it depends on what type of law practice you have that will be the deciding factor about whether to put a photo of yourself on your card.


Don’t you get it??

You WANT to stand out. You WANT to be remembered. You WANT someone to remember YOU! Nobody will remember you with a boring business card that has the scales of justice on it. Nobody.

Here’s my suggestion to the lawyers in this forum…

  1. Don’t put your picture on your card.
  2. Continue to debate this issue.
  3. Spend more time thinking about whether this is going to help you.
  4. Worry what others think of you.
  5. Think about your professional image and whether a picture of you on the beach is verbotten compared to a ‘professional’ image.
  6. Please remove me from your forum.

What do you think? Am I right or wrong?

Do YOU have a photo of yourself on your business card? Let me know below.

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4 Responses to These Lawyers Are Debating Whether to Put a Photo of Themselves on their Business Cards!

  • Gerry, I’m internally debating whether to put a QR code on my new business cards, which are in the planning phase. I’m also debating how best to include my social network contact information. There’s no debate about a picture.

    As an aside, I recently told inhouse corporate counsel for a financial institution about my videos and sent her a link to one that I thought was applicable to their situation. It felt like a big risk, because video is still something that’s ahead of the curve in the corporate world. I’m happy to report that they hired me. What role did the videos play? Impossible to say, but they didn’t cause them to run away.

  • Glad to hear that Ron. Definitely put the QR code on your new cards. Make it simple and easy for people to get in touch with you. Stand out from the crowd. Not many lawyers are making use of QR codes.
    Also, don’t forget to use the back of your card to put content on there!

  • Raul G. Ordonez, Jr. says:

    Is it desirable to put the fields that you work on the chard?

  • If you handle 12 different types of law, it’s not a good idea to put all 12 areas on your card. Better to put 1, 2 or 3 areas at most.

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