The View From Israel

Rosh Pinna, Northern Israel

Dateline: Galilee, Israel

I’m watching the sun rise from outside our hotel in the northern part of Israel. It’s a magnificent site. The sun is streaming. The air is fresh and clean. It is peaceful and serene. I hear roosters in the distance. We are perched on a mountain overlooking a picturesque town called Rosh Pinna. What a great way to start the day.

There’s a lot of touring planned for today and I’m up early, writing.

I am startled by the sharp contrasts of this biblical country and the amazing technological advances seen throughout this tiny sliver of the Middle East.

One moment we’re looking at ancient ruins 3000 years old and viewing an amphitheater where gladiators fought and chariots raced in Caesaria and the next, we’re passing by Herzelia, one of the most innovative and high-tech start-up towns in the world.

One moment we’re walking down a street of cobbled stones hundreds and thousands of years old and the next we’re in Tel Aviv, a bustling cosmopolitan city; a virtual microcosm of New York City.

Delving outside your comfort zone is invigorating and refreshing. It’s a recharge of life’s batteries. I keep wanting to write about video marketing for lawyers, but I’m pulled in different directions as I am treated to stark contrasts in this beautiful and tiny country that contains so many historical and ancient stories.

As I listen to the stories and match what I’m seeing with what I am hearing, I am drawn back again to why video is so powerful. We absorb and learn by telling and listening to stories. There is nothing more powerful than having a story visualized either by being there in person or with video.

That’s why creating tons of video content will show you as a thought leader and as someone to be trusted.

Now go and get out of your comfort zone and pick up the telephone and call my production manager Kathleen 1-800-320-4314 to set up your video marketing strategy session with me. I look forward to chatting with you when I return from this wonderful country.

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