The Power of Being Small; An Observation From Israel

Dateline: Galilee, Israel

I’m sitting outside of my hotel room here in Northern Israel. Looking into the distance, I am told, is the Golan Heights. The Golan Heights borders Lebanon and we will be traveling close to the Syrian border tomorrow. The amazing thing about this Country is its size.

You can drive from the North end of Israel to the Southern end of Israel in 6 hours. About 335 miles in length. That’s it. Yet for some reason, this little sliver of arid land is one of the most contested pieces of land in the world.

Here’s what’s so amazing. Its’ size doesn’t matter. It’s a tiny country, yet it is perceived to be a very powerful one.

What does this have to do with lawyer marketing?

Glad you asked.

The answer is…Everything.

There are some large law firms that boast of their size. They boast they have the ability to  handle every type of law. They claim huge diversity in their staff. That’s their unique selling proposition.

When you ask a solo or an attorney in a small law firm, they’re able to say that they give personal attention and they know your case inside and out. Being small can be a huge advantage. You just have to be perceived as having the power of a big firm. With today’s technology you can.

What’s the best tool you can use TODAY to convey to your potential clients that you have knowledge and power? Come on…you know what I’m going to say. The answer is…VIDEO!

Creating an entire video library not only distinguishes you from all of your competitors and larger firms, but showcases your expertise. Really smart lawyers who use video stand out from the crowd; as long as the video is done correctly and strategically.

Being “small” means you can get video content online almost immediately. How many large law firms do you know can shoot 50 videos in a one-day video shoot and then edit, optimize and upload those videos online?

That’s the power of being small. Savor it.

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Gerry has a unique approach here. It’s basically a turnkey approach. Because he is a trial lawyer, he talks our language but yet he can help you get it down to the level it needs to be to connect with the people watching the video. I would tell anybody that this is the guy to go to.

David Glatthorn
David Glatthorn Law