The Most Amazing Video Shoot

I felt like a kid in a candy store all day today. I was shooting video in a professional green screen studio that was the size of an aircraft hangar. The walls were green; the floor was green; the side walls were covered in sound-deadening material. The 20 foot ceiling was coated in black paint, and there were banks of professional soft lights throughout the studio. I was impressed.

I never use green screen to shoot my own videos, for a variety of reasons and I never shoot in a studio. Today was different. I was in Florida creating multiple series of videos for the Lawyers Video Studio. This was so cool.

I’ll give you an idea of what this was like. Years ago I was very active in martial arts. I studied a form of jujistu with a well-known martial arts master in the Bronx. There were times during the year when my master would leave to go learn with his martial arts master. He would return energized with tons of techniques to teach us. I was always fascinated to think that my master had his own master that he relied on. The same is true for creating video.

Today I had the privilege of creating video with my master production team in Florida. Harry Brockman is a master producer and post-production specialist. He has a group of video editing suites and he’s the one in charge of the magic that happens when you’ve completed your video shoot. In Harry’s studio we find Joe Kalange working his technical miracles. Kathleen, one of our production managers is an expert at understanding attorneys and online viewers who watch attorney video.

Ben works his editing magic and together, our production team in the Lawyers Video Studio creates powerful and compelling video using content that our lawyers have created.

Sitting in the editing suite of the Lawyers Video Studio

Gerry Oginski sitting in the Editing Suite

Here’s what was so different for me during this video shoot. Normally, when I create video, I shoot about one hour of video and can usually get 5-7 video clips out of that hour. Today, I shot video in the green screen studio for 4 1/2 hours. I still was not done. We then packed up our equipment and moved it all to Harry’s editing suites. After a quick bite for lunch we set up our video equipment and then shot another 3 hours worth of video. It was awesome!

I’d like to tell you that I had no flubs, bloopers or mistakes. Hah! I wish. There were many times that I just couldn’t get out what I wanted to say and my words turned to blubber. I was tempted to start singing, dancing and speaking Spanish just to mix things up. We had a veteran videographer on the camera and we also used a teleprompter- something that I have never used before.

I admit I was hesitant to agree to use a teleprompter. I did not want to appear as if I was reading something. My philosophy has always been to give an off-the-cuff discussion about content that I know very well. Harry gave me his expert wisdom and convinced me that it would help for these highly specific videos. I agreed.

It was pretty simple, especially with our resident teleprompter expert Adam on the controls. Adam sits by the side of the camera and types in exactly what we want to appear on the screen. He makes changes on the fly, and it allows the content to flow smoothly and easily. Thanks Adam!

Shooting Video in the Lawyers Video Studio

The Lawyers Video Studio

Sitting in Harry’s editing suite I was able to take in all of the electronic gear, the monitors, the computers and the technical genius that make our videos come to life. There’s nothing simple here about pushing the red record button and then uploading to YouTube. Every button and device has a purpose. The pros here in the Lawyers Video Studio thankfully know how to use it way better than I ever could (and that says a lot).

After a solid 7 1/2 hours shooting my own videos I was pleasantly exhausted. I had a great day and got to spend it doing something I really love. Creating video to help my viewers learn and understand what we do here in the Lawyers Video Studio was exciting and so much fun. You can see some of the behind-the-scenes photos here.

Thanks Harry, Kathleen, Joe, Ben and Adam for a great video day!

P.S. I’m on the plane back home to New York and tomorrow I’m questioning a doctor in a medical malpractice case. After I’ve completed that deposition I’m off to Federal Court for a settlement conference with a magistrate Judge in a wrongful death case. What an exciting week!

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