The Little Engine That Couldn’t; My Final Thoughts on Shooting Video in St. Maarten with Gerry Oginski


The Little Engine that Couldn’t; Gerry & his mini-van, St. Maarten

Johnny B. Goode, Special Reporter to the Lawyers Video Studio- Part 13

My Final Thoughts…and a wrap up

The following day, Gerry went hiking atop the mountain behind the Westin resort where we were staying. He declared this to be the best workout he ever had in his entire life. Later in the afternoon, after having shot an hour of video, he packed everybody into the van with the intention of taking them to the other side of the island.

As a quick diversion he wanted to show them where he was hiking that morning. The roadway leading up the mountain was filled with rocks and enormous potholes. After five minutes of navigating an unfinished road we reached a hill with a 35°-40° incline. It was extremely steep.

His kids yelled out there was no way we were making it up that hill in this van. Gerry said “Don’t worry…”

We started up the hill. Fifteen seconds later, the van came to a stop.

“Why aren’t we moving?” Gerry’s ten year old son asked.

“Well, I’m flooring the gas pedal and I’m in the lowest gear, and guess what? We’re not moving,” Gerry said calmly.

It was kind of scary being on a huge incline and not being able to continue forward. He put the van into neutral and eased the van back down the hill till we reached the bottom and turned around.

There were nine of us in the van. It only had six cylinder engine. Gerry quickly realized there was no way this van would carry nine of us up this enormously steep hill.

Gerry said that was a first for him being in a car that couldn’t navigate a hill.

Earlier in the day Gerry had shot some video after his great mountain hike. He used the hallway near the conference center. He used his 85 mm prime lens, and created a shot with soft curtains behind him to create a great soft effect. He used the natural light and set his frame and settings, all within 3 minutes.

The topics were ones I’d never heard of attorney talk about before. They were interesting. One topic was titled “When do you get into a screaming fight with a defense attorney in a deposition?” See the video below. Make sure you change the video quality to hi-def of either 720 or 1080 to see it with crystal clarity.

It’s almost time to head back to the airport and I want to summarize my observations here on St. Maarten.

The island is simply magnificent. I would return here in a minute. They are extremely friendly here, the service is fantastic, the food is great and there are so many things to do here, I’d love to return.

Gerry and his family are remarkable hosts and I had a lot of fun with them. From a marketing standpoint I learned many new things from observing Gerry, listening to his insight and watching him shoot video. It’s obvious that he’s taken the concept of creating video that educates and teaches his consumers and turned it into a powerful marketing tool for lawyers.

What I found most interesting is that as a practicing trial lawyer, he practices what he preaches. He uses the same tactics, strategies and techniques that he teaches lawyers in his done-for-you video program as well as his do-it-yourself online video tutorial program.

During each day, he showed me e-mails and texts that he received while here on St. Maarten. Each of these people requested more information and would like to speak to Gerry. He attributes these calls to the complex video marketing systems put in place that he created.

I’m really glad I had the opportunity to join Gerry and his family in St. Maarten.

While I was here, Gerry was talking about holding a seminar exclusively for a limited number of highly motivated lawyers to teach them about how to create video marketing systems like he created.  I asked him why he would want to do this.

He replied “Because it will teach an attorney how to transform the way he markets his law firm using video.” He’ll be able to shoot video with me while here in St. Maarten and he’ll have the opportunity to turn this into a mini vacation while learning some of the best cutting edge marketing strategies and techniques today. For those who are selected to participate, this will be a win-win-win situation.

I asked Gerry if I could return here with him when he holds his exclusive video marketing seminar. With a smile, he said I would have to apply and be accepted first.

If I was an attorney who was actively marketing my law firm seeking to stand out from my competitors, I would be the first one on this list seeking to apply. It’s a no-brainer.

Thanks for reading my ongoing series about shooting video here in St. Maarten with attorney video marketing expert, Gerry Oginski. Hopefully I’ll see you here on St. Maarten when Gerry holds his educational seminar for a select group of attorneys.

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Gerry Oginski is the master of online video. If you have not seen his videos, you should. He’s done more videos than any lawyer out there. The big edge that Gerry has over his competition is that his videos allow consumers to get to ‘know’ him before they even pick up the phone. His use of video on his website and his video blog is amazing.

Ben Glass
Founder of Great Legal Marketing and a practicing personal injury trial attorney in Fairfax, VA