The ‘Lawyers Video Studio’ Has Now Officially Been Trademarked!

Lawyers Video Studio Now Trademarked!

It’s true. I received the official looking certificate from the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office today. You can see the certificate in the photo here.

How cool is that?

Who would have ever thought that video would be a tool that lawyers, business owners, entrepreneurs and everyone in the world could use to communicate with viewers online? When you consider how fast the technology has evolved, it’s mind boggling.

I am now reading a book called “The Third Screen” that talks about the mobile revolution. The stats are remarkable. In the United States 9 out of 10 people now have cell phones. Smartphones are taking over. Mobile is all the rage.

Creating educational video to help lawyers across the country market their law firms in the Lawyers Video Studio has been transformational for me and my clients. The Lawyers Video Studio is much more than a fixed place. It’s a method. It’s a marketing program. It’s a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who seek to use the latest technology to better themselves and their businesses.

What’s really cool is seeing the effects of video done well. I see attorney video every day that is poorly done. Not just from a technical standpoint from from a content viewpoint.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not out to bash attorneys who create their first few videos on their own. I was in their shoes and I’ve done what they did. My initial videos were technically horrible. But now there’s help. Lots of it. Back when I first started creating video, there was no one to help lawyers putting content online.

If you’re going to try and do video on your own, make sure you learn all you can before putting crappy video online. Become technically proficient with your video equipment. Then learn how to create compelling content. Then be proud of what you did.


Are you the type of attorney who likes to do things on your own? Or, are you the type of lawyer who prefers a done-for-you video marketing program so you don’t have to do any of the technical stuff yourself?
No matter which type of attorney you are, I have the solution to your problem.


In my done-for-you video marketing program I remove the burden from your back of having to do all this video work on your own. To find out if you are my ideal client, send an e-mail to my production manager,, or leave her a voicemail at 1-800-320-4314 to set up a phone consultation with me.


If you are a do-it-yourself attorney, then I have the perfect program for you that will help you model and copy what I do in order to create video on your own. To get onto my pre-launch list for my new introductory video tutorial program, Click here to sign up for the pre-release info and special offer: It’s called “Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing in the Age of YouTube…at $25,000 Off!”
Don’t wait. You need video now.


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We needed the assistance of someone who knew what they were doing. We can spend probably 10 times the amount of time today, creating 2 videos – let alone 50. So, I think when it boils down to it having someone like yourself who knows what they’re doing, has a system in place, and can really kind of work with you to get the videos flowing, get the content going – I think it’s definitely the way to go. I think you’d spend just too much time – too much energy – in trying to do it yourself.

Michael McGlinn
McGlinn & McGlinn, Attorneys at Law